Ukrainian-Americans, Long Fond of the G.O.P., Greet Donald Trump With Despair


Ukrainian-Americans have felt at home in the Republican Party since Franklin D. Roosevelt and Stalin divided control of Europe at Yalta. But across the United States — and especially in swing state Ohio, where Mr. Trump became the party’s nominee — they are watching the 2016 presidential race with a mix of confusion and fear.

“The party’s dead as far as I’m concerned,” Mr. Szmagala declared.


They might want to think this one out again. Putin’s seizure of Crimea and eastern Ukraine happened under Hillary Clinton’s watch. If Putin donates a billion dollars to the Clintons, they can kiss a free Ukraine goodbye all the way to the Polish border.


As someone with Ukrainian blood, I don’t feel despair but the inevitable.



True. I don’t think either major candidate is good for Ukraine. At all. Both campaigns have deep ties against the interests of an independent Ukraine (Manafort on the GOP side, Podesta on the Dem side).


I support a free, anti-Maidan Ukraine.


At this moment, there can be no “free anti-Maidan Ukraine”. The enemies of Maidan overwhelmingly hate freedom, as well as Ukraine as such. :wink:


The article did not say they are gunning for Clinton.

It said that Trump has turned them off their traditional party of choice - the GOP.

And who can blame them?

The dolt has claimed that Russia has not invaded Ukraine and will not. He has questioned the future existence of NATO. His former campaign manager had proven and shady business links with oligarchs answerable to the FSB-run state in Russia.

One could go on but its old hat now and should be self-evident.


The New York Times uses the language “Ukranian Americans.” Well maybe I’m reading much into that title, but there is a a sample of Ukranian Americans showing disapproval of Trump in the article but there is no polling cited in the article showing widespread disapproval or concern with Trump among Ukranian Americans. I’m not commenting here on the people’s concerns with Trump because I don’t know enough about the issues they are concerned about to adequately comment on these complex issues but perhaps a better part of the title for the New York Times to have would be, “Some Ukrainian Americans”…


I guess that they are upset about Trump’s support of Russia.


An anti-Maidan Ukraine is a free Ukraine that respects its people and its history.

Euromaidan is a movement that is associated with brutality and fascism.


Because Russia respects Ukrainians and their history?


Yes, just as the United States respects Mexican and Canadian history.

Those who are anti-Maidan support freedom from the subjugation of Kiev and federalism.


See, but people in the former territories of the USSR hear federalism and think that federalism means the way that the USSR was run. There were individual republics, yes, but everything was controlled by Moscow. And the “korenizatsia” (nativization) of the 1920s allowing non-Russian-speaking schools and development of Communist leadership within ethnic groups rapidly turned into purges of the non-Russian leadership, closure of many of the non-Russian schools, and a full policy of “russifikatsia” (Russification). In Ukraine this shift occurred as early as 1929-1930.

Then, during this same time period, the great famine, which many Ukrainians view as an extension of the Russification policies, a way to reduce the number of Ukrainians and increase the dominance of Russians. I’m sure you disagree with that characterization of the famine, but considering the timeline and that it occurred during the serious push toward Russification, perhaps you can understand why many Ukrainians see it that way.

This is the history that Ukraine and many other former republics remember. This is what many Ukrainians think of when they hear the word “federalism,” particularly when it’s being recommended by Russia.


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