Ukrainian Catholic leader: anti-government protestors have strong support from the people [CWN]


The head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church said that the protests that began in the Eastern European nation in November are not an ordinary political dispute between the governing …



Scratch one Prime Minister!


The head of the church Sviatoslav Shevchuk also said that the current government does not understand that now it is not about the dissatisfaction of a small group of “radicals,” and not a conflict between the government and the opposition, but in fact a conflict between the government and the Ukrainian people. “Millions of people cannot be called extremists. Millions of people are citizens of Ukraine, who must be respected and heard,” said the patriarch.

“What is happening today is no longer just EuroMaidan, but a revolution of dignity in all spaces of independent Ukraine. And as long as those (the government or the opposition) who want to represent the people in government structures or in political parties do not respect their dignity, Ukrainians will never have faith in them,”

I still find it hard to believe that, from the other threads on Ukraine, there are so many Catholic and non-Catholic “experts” on Ukraine, who have no connection or understanding of modern Ukraine, and think the Head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church must be wrong.


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