Ukrainian Greek Catholic Mission in Hawaii

Some days ago, I complained (with my limited knowledge) of the lack of reverent masses in my neighborhood. Not long afterward, I found out about an Eastern Divine Liturgy in East Honolulu at St. Sophia Ukrainian Greek Catholic Mission. Located in a tiny chapel in a parochial school, only about twenty people came. It was my first time experiencing an Eastern rite Divine Liturgy. It was truly a beautiful experience.

So, if any of you is visiting Hawaii or already have the grace :smiley: of living here, I suggest you experience Divine Liturgy at the Mission. Here is their site, which has the address and schedule.

I am happy for you. I have heard the Divine Liturgies are beautiful. Maybe some day --I will get to experience one.

I love Ukranian DL. I attend at least once a month.

More Catholics should go, perhaps this would inspire more reverent NO masses.

DL and the TLM compliment each other IMHO. :thumbsup:

Here’s my good buddy Patriarch Alexi doing something really cool with some candles !!!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
there is a link to all the Eastern Catholic Churches in the US
-specifically for Texas

Our Lady’s Maronite Mission (Maronite - Los Angeles)
1320 East 51st Street, Austin, TX , Phone: (512) 458-3693

St.Thomas The Apostle Indian Catholic Church (Syro-Malabar - Local Roman Ordinary)
4922 Rosehill Road, Garland, TX 75043, Phone: (972) 270-4939

Malankara Catholic Mission of Texas (Syro-Malankara - Jurisdiction of Local Roman Ordinary)
201 South 13th Street, Garland, TX 75040 Phone: (972) 272-4641

Our Lady of the Cedars Maronite Mission (Maronite - Los Angeles)
PO Box 573002 , Houston, TX 77057, Phone: (713) 789-8539

Protection of the Mother of God (Byzantine - Ukrainian/St. Nicholas-Chicago)
9102 Meadowshire St., P. O. Box. 38165, Houston, TX 77238-8465, Phone: (713) 447-2749

St. John Chrysostom (Byzantine - Ruthenian/Pittsburgh)
5402 Acorn Street, Houston, TX, 77092, Phone: (713) 681-3580

St. Basil the Great (Byzantine - Ruthenian/Pittsburgh)
1118 East Union Bower Road, Irving, TX, 75061, Phone: (214) 438-5644

Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Mission (Maronite - Los Angeles)
719 University Street, Lewisville, TX 75067, Phone: (214) 436-7617

San Antonio
San Antonio Byzantine Catholic Mission (Byzantine - Ruthenian/Pittsburgh)
Maronite Church, San Antonio, TX, Phone: (713) 681-3580

St. George Maronite Mission (Maronite - Los Angeles)
6070 Babcock Road, San Antonio, TX 78240, Phone: (210) 690-9569

Thank you.

A bit of appropriate respect would go a long way. His Beatitude Patriarch Alexiy is conferring a hierarchal blessing with the trikiri and dikiri, respectively candleabra containing three and two-candles - which symbolize the Three Persons and Two Natures of God.

there is a link to all the Eastern Catholic Churches in the US
-specifically for Texas


Check locations and times before relying on the Unofficial Directory to which Billy linked. Once a wonderful resource for we of the East, it has not been updated in a decade and can only be relied on as a starting point - hopefully, a project now underway will result in a replacement for it.

Joe Monahan

Have they resumed services? I wanted to go but the last time I checked they hadn’t had a priest in years.

Is it hard to find? I don’t know my way around Waianae.

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