Ukrainian Seminaries Full, Turning Away Candidates [2011-02-04] [Zenit]


Blessed Omelian Kovch Inspires Priestly Vocations



:) How wonderful it is to see. As the West loses its faith, the grand old East rises strong once more. "The Holy Church throughout the world doth acknowledge thee, Father of an infinite majesty!" Even when we are beset by storm-clouds and dropping vocations in Canada, America, and Western Europe, the Church has them in excess elsewhere. God will never let the Church as a whole fail, even if He allows some sectors to experience reprobate sorrow due to our sins.


This is great to hear. It’s a wonderful problem to have in these times.


An excellent reason to donate. Perhaps the CNEWA website has some opportunities?

God Bless,


[quote="Biedrik, post:3, topic:228119"]
This is great to hear. It's a wonderful problem to have in these times.


Indeed, now if only the West would get problems like this


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