Ukriane Proselytizing

It came to my attention today in the newspaper that Baptists are proseletising (sp) in Ukraine. As an Orthodox Christian this offends me beyond belief.

People in Ukraine were Christians many centuries in the Greek Catholic and Orthodox church, way before the Baptist denomination came to be, and they had the nerve to “bring the Ukraine to Christ” as if they had never even heard His name.

This is not limited to the Baptists at all. Other fundamental denominations are also busy trying to ‘convert the Catholics to Christianity’. And like as not convert them to ‘Americanity’.

Amen. Annoys the heck outta me too. When I was a child a friend’s mother and grandmother were fundamentalist and they would tell me my Catholic parents were gonna go to Hell if they didn’t get saved and that the Pope is the Anti-Christ blah blah blah. I was seven years old for crying out loud!

Pray for patience in dealing with them.


I agree with you wholeheartedly. The spiritual presumption and pride of these individuals is unbelievable. How long will they continue to “resist the Holy Spirit” (Acts 7)? :mad:

Eastern Christians have a different understanding of proselytization and schism than those in the west. In the west, after 500 years of protestantism, we have come to accept the many thousands of protestant sects. Protestants have no real sense of schism since their own groups have schismed so many times.

This also really really bothers me deeply we as orthodox and catholic Christians need to make sure we know are faith and spread the truth of the gospel

Rather than being offended beyond belief, I think that Orthodox should be motivated to share the good news of Christianity (the real one) with Baptists and other heretical groups.

This was a big thing when I was a fundie. When the Soviet Union fell they proclaimed they had an “open door” to “preach the Gospel” in the former Soviet states. Catholic or Orthodox, made no difference (they’re all the same…right? ;))
It comes off however, for people in those cultures, as a purely AMERICAN religion trying desparately to turn Ukrainian Orthodox or Catholics into AMERICANS.
Christian Fundamentalism was created in America.

Exactly, in fact you may find yourself in some enlightening conversations. In my opinion there are just as many members in orthodoxy who really don’t want to hear any of it. I understand their thinking also, there’s merit here also.

That said I don’t know much about the Baptists being referred to or their personal congregation agenda.


Now that’s the spirit! (Especially that “heretical” bit.) :slight_smile:

I read this I was Like( wait they are trying to preach Christ to Christian?) this really is dumb how about they go to Africa or Japan instead of a place that is alive in faith and has been Christians since the very beginning

I think its a good thing.

When I was traveling in that area, I noticed that almost nobody attended church except for on festivals and holidays. Christianity had become more cultural than a living faith.

If these baptists and others spur on the Orthodox and Catholic in Ukraine and Eastern Europe to have a meaningful dialogue, maybe even wrestle with the fundamentalists, then I say its a good thing.

A so called kick in the pants might be a shot in the arm for the Orthodox Church over there.

Take my word for it, the fundamentalists are in no way, shape, or form trying create dialogue. They do not consider Catholic OR Otrhodox to be Christians.
Catholics and Orthodox in Eastern Europe are in the initial process of dialogue, THAT is the one positive thing the fall of the Soviet Union has produced.

And*** that*** is probably the justification for their proselytizing, whether we Catholics and Orthodox like or agree with it or not.

Don’t be angry, invite them to see the beauty of Orthodox worship and learn more about your country. They may be annoying but they are largely harmless.

Actually we have a reader in our Orthodox parish who was originally ‘churches of Christ’ closely related to Baptists who went to Romania to convert the Orthodox ‘to Christ’. It backfired and the missioner ended up being converted to Orthodoxy.

So at times it happens. But Orthodox and Catholics are not big on proseletysing people who are already Christians. That is the territory of fundamentalists who think they are the ONLY Christians to exist.

You know I think that is one of my problems with the Protestant missionaries. Being largely from the American South they try to convert Eastern Europeans to southern cultural and political mores.

I can just hear a Ukranian congregation of Baptists belting out “There’s power in the Blood” in country western style to a pianer accompaniment and shouting AYMIN. Afterwards they might have ‘dinner on the grounds’ with southern frahed chicken, black eye peas, and watermelon for dessert.


Tell me about it…over here they tell Catholics we’re evil if we don’t believe in the Rapture. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember one “missionary to Canada” (yeah, seriously) bemoaning the fact that his congregation did not want to celebrate the Forth of July. :eek:

Given the current situation in the Ukriane, the question of US involvement from an intercepted telephone call from the American ambassador, it might be a good idea for those “missionaries” to forego passing out tracts for a while.


JAS, sorry to insult you with my stereotyping and typing with a Southern Accent. Actually I was not trying to insult anyone.

You see I am from the South myself, Texas to be exact and that is really the way Texans speak.

Around here Southern Baptists and IFB Baptists RULE, violate church and state separation rules, and if you are an individual and not part of the Baptist herd something has to be wrong with you.

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