Ulama's are Priests?



Muslim priests raise call anew for Tarongoy’s release (8:45 p.m.)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – Ulamas or Muslim priests urged the immediate release of abducted Filipino accountant Roberto “Bobby” Tarongoy by his Iraqi captors in time for the observance of the Ed El-Ad’ha or the day of sacrifice for Muslims on Friday.

This was the call Monday by the ulamas of the executive committee of Madrasah Comprehensive Development and Promotion Program (MCDPP) in Davao City to the Iraqi abductors of Tarongoy.

“We are asking the captors to release our brother, Roberto Tarongoy, as this month is the month of pardon in Islam,” MCDPP director Shiekh Jamal S. Monib said in the vernacular.

Monib said they have been approached by Tarongoy’s kin to help intercede for his release.

Monib said that all they can do today is come out with a collective call by the ulamas here although they also plan to coordinate with other ulamas nationwide and hopefully, too, those in Iraq in a bid to get information on Tarongoy’s real status.

My question to muslims and non-muslims who know Islam: Are Ulama’s considered “priests” by muslims or is it just a misrepresentation of the title?

If they are “priests” do they offer up sacrifice, too?



It’s a mis-representation. There are no priests or clergy. The word " ulamaa'* " is the plural of " *aalim ," which simply means something like “learned one.” Status in Islam is gained by training in and knowledge of the religion, but they are not priests; at most they are prayer leaders and preachers.


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