Ulf Ekman Converts to Roman Catholicism

Ulf Ekman has been a very important figure in Swedish Protestantism, who had rolled out a media TV program on all continents, among other achievements. He announced during his Sunday morning service in the church he built, the largest in Scandinavia, that he and his wife were becoming Catholics. “His conversion is a news story that affects a large part of Swedish Christianity,” this article reports.
see www.charismanews.com/us/43058-ulf-ekman-converts-to-roman-catholicism

Good for him! :thumbsup: Laudate Dominus!

It would be great to see him on EWTN Journey Home with Marcus Grodi. Looking forward to hearing Ulf Ekman’s journey home to the Catholic Church:thumbsup:

This is where he tells his congregation about his decision to join the Catholic Church. I find it very moving. He is very brave. Brought a tear to my eye.

As a cradle Catholic, conversion stories always make we wonder if I’d have been smart enough, brave enough, truth-seeking enough to find the Catholic faith had I not been born into it. As such, I’m a sucker for these stories.

The comment section after the article provides an interesting insight into those rejecting both religion in general and Catholicism in particular.

Thanks for sharing!


That’s a miracle! The conversion of two such prominent Swedes could convert more to the Church in Sweden, a highly secular nation

The Roman Catholic Church in Sweden or simply the Catholic Church in Sweden, is a relatively small but growing branch of the Catholic Church, constituting 2%[1] of the population of the predominantly Lutheran country of Sweden. It is one of the fastest growing Catholic Churches in Europe, despite the widespread secularism in Sweden.


Wow! Praise the Lord!

Thanks for sharing a bit of bright news! Stories like these are good reminders of the Spirit’s quiet, and often unnoticed, work.

Praise the Lord.

Any way we can get an English version of the speech?

The link acacia gave was dubbed in English

To understand the magnitude of this people need to know that Ulf Ekman is I think the most known christian person in the whole of Sweden and one of Europes’ greatest free church leaders. Ulf Ekman is the Billy Graham of Sweden and maybe Europe.

This move by Ulf was expected by us catholics here in Sweden. It was only about when and not if Ulf Ekman would convert. He has been drawn to catholicism, have participated in catholic international meetings, gone to pilgrimage to Fatima with catholic pilgrim groups from Sweden and he was by a “coincidence” in Madrid during the World Youth Days there. He has written a lot of articles and books which is more or less catholic the last years and he has also invited the swedish catholic bishop to talk in the mega church the Word of Life got.

After his son Benjamin took steps over the Tibern some couple of months ago we understood that it wouldn’t take long before Ulf and his wife Birgitta also would take the same steps.

So this is very joyful.

Hi everyone,

I just stumbled on this thread while googling the news of pastor Ulfs decision to join the Catholic church. I’m a member of his (ex) church Word of Life in Sweden, as well as a co-worker of his since many years. His decision has not been entirely unexpected, but it has none the less left many of us with a feeling that’s hard to describe. Emptiness, some say, and that’s definately part of it. Ulf Ekman has changed all of our lives for the better, and it’s hard to “see him go”.

His decision has caused many protestants in Sweden to react very harshly, expressing many terrible prejudices against the Catholic church in blogs and on social media, so for what it’s worth, I just want to say that while the process is difficult, we bless pastor Ulf and send him over to you with all our prayers. We know he is led by The Holy Spirit, and that he is acting on a divine calling, and it is our hope that he will be able to bless you as he has always blessed us. You are truly receiving a man of God, so please take care of him!

Let me also say that I am so thankful for the process which in the end led Ulf Ekman to the Catholic church. We shared the journey for a while, and jounrey has opened my eyes to the greater body of Christ, and that experience has blessed me more than I can say. Our church is richer because of this, so even though we part ways with a beloved pastor, we are strengthened and and greatly blessed because of it.

As for myself, and many others in the Word of Life ministry, I believe that I am called to serve the Lord where He has put me, and by His grace I will continue to do so for His kingdom. After so many years of walls between us, it is after all a wonderful feeling to know and feel that we serve the same Saviour.

God bless you all!

NO kidding. It’s quite sad.

Happy to hear this news, though.

Happy news.


Welcome to the Catholic Church Pastor Ekman and wife Birgitta. Welcome to the fullness of the Gospel.

God bless you.

See his announcement here (as acacia12 has said too):

More details at The Christian Post.

This is a wonderful story being repeated all over the world. Just yesterday, our Cathedral was filled for the Rite of Election for new catechumens and candidates for reception into full communion. Among them was a college senior who has been singing in our choir for the last two years. Another was the husband of my niece. I was hoping he would make the decision before his children were old enough to be his godparents.

God calls everyone to Himself, but by many different routes.

Thank you for the very charitable post! And the door is always open if you should wish to look more deeply into the Church! God bless!

I had the feeling that this would happen a couple of years ago. forums.catholic.com/showpost.php?p=8647055&postcount=14

Now i am looking forward to see what will be the outcome of this because his conversion acctually means that he doesnt believe anymore in what he used to teach before.

Will some members of his church join him in the conversion and will he himself start propagating the catholic faith?

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