Ulster [Northern Ireland] on brink over Iris Robinson sex affair

Fallout from Robinson affair threatens to hand reins of power to Sinn Fein

The political sex scandal which broke last week in Northern Ireland is now threatening to wreck the country’s power-sharing deal. Revelations about Iris Robinson, an MP and wife of Northern Ireland’s first minister, could split her husband’s unionist party and even let Sinn Fein into power.

Robinson was 59 when she had an affair with a 19-year-old whom she helped start in business as a cafe owner. Yesterday she was dumped by her party, Ian Paisley’s fiercely religious Democratic Unionists (DUP), amid allegations of financial impropriety.

Schadenfreude, anyone?

You couldn’t make it up…

This is very interesting to me because I have a LAOH (Hibernian) meeting tonight and I’m on a committee “Freedom for Ireland”. Does anyone have anymore information on this? Blessings. Shannin

Plenty HERE

:coffeeread: Very informative. Thank you Yellow Belle.

I would appreciate any other current news on the state of affairs in Ireland so I can share it at our Hibernian meeting tonight.

You could browse news on line sites such as RTE or Irish Times

Well, I don’t have any news, but what I got out of it is that this is not an easy crisis to solve for Northern Ireland!

I’ve always wondered . . . I’m sure Schadnefreude is a universal human feeling, so why are the Germans the ones who came up with word for it?


Well, there is the English word (derived from Greek) “epicaricacy” which has the same meaning… but apart from lexicographers, few have ever heard of it much less used it :stuck_out_tongue:

All sounds like a Simon & Garfunkel song to me.

So … does that mean that “Mrs. Robinson” really does exist. :confused: :slight_smile:

Seriously, the minister has been given a week to clear his own name. I wonder what the chances are of Sinn Fein’s McGuiness taking charge.

A snowball’s in Hades, I’d say :wink:

The two most requested songs on Belfast radio stations at present - Mrs Robinson and Sound of Silence :smiley:

That would fit in with the standard of black humour Belfast is infamous for :slight_smile:

…and you should hear some of the jokes circulating north and south of the border (and probably the equator :stuck_out_tongue:

Although as a staunch Irish Republican my politics are light years away from Peter Robinson’s I actually feel some sympathy for the personal tragedy he is undergoing at this time. I’ve heard a fair few of the jokes at his and Iris’s expense, at one level they are humorous but at another I feel guilty laughing at them.

I can see this been glossed over myself eventually as I can’t see any other players of Peter Robinson’s calibre on the unionist side and I don’t thin the north is ready to have McGuiness as First Minister.

Absolutely none, since he is the deputy first minister, a post that is assigned to the largest nationalist party. The post of first minister is always assigned to the largest unionist party, so even if Mr Robinson goes, (which is quite unlikely as no one, locally, or even in the two governments, wants him removed), the post will, short of an election, automatically go to another member of the DUP, Robinsons party.

As for a crisis??? This is being blown way out of proportion. Devolution of policing and justice powers from GB may be delayed but that is nothing new in Northern Ireland politics.
Even if the Assembly does dissolve, or is suspended, which again is highly unlikely, and was only ever done by the Northern Ireland Secretary whenever the UK got thet huff about something. There is no impetus for the UK to suspend the Assembly this time.

Ahem, as for the jokes>>>>

Don’t get offended…

Newsflash: Tiger Woods issued a press release today stating that he has at no time ever s*&^%$£ Mrs Robinson!

Peter Robinson is reported to be going blind, apparently he has something in his Iris!

Mrs Robinson is also being reported as to having engaged in a threesome recently on a visit to Derry, Gregory Campbell took her around the Waterside, while Martin Mc Guinness took her around the Bogside!!

In a response to declining numbers within the organisation, the Grandmaster of the Orange order recently complained Mrs Robinson has had more Willies in her than his local lodge!!!

Thats probably enough for a while…

I feel pretty much the same about the jokes. The whole affair reads like a soap opera so it’s all too easy to forget that there are real human beings involved. It must be a total nightmare for the entire Robinson family.

I can see this been glossed over myself eventually as I can’t see any other players of Peter Robinson’s calibre on the unionist side and I don’t thin the north is ready to have McGuiness as First Minister.

What about Arlene Foster, the acting First Minister? Though perhaps the north isn’t ready for a woman First Minister either :slight_smile:

I feel sorry for them both, it’s bad enough when it’s in private, but when your a public figure…

As for the jokes, not really into them big-time, although I’ve heard that song Mr’s Robinson a few times, they don’t let you off with much over here, although I do understand the humor.

As for the politics, this Friday night (15/01/2010) the talks still go-on, and will continue into the weekend.

It had been said the DUP don’t want an election, and Sinn Feinn can force one if they want to, which leaves them with a stronger bargaining base than they had before this.

So Iris Robinson has cut a rod for the DUP’s back, and handed the other parties the rod.

I hear the song Delilah ringing in my ears.

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