Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest against army service


Hundreds of thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews have held a mass prayer in Jerusalem against plans to conscript more of their young men into the Israeli army . . .

Exemptions from military conscription were given to the ultra-Orthodox when Israel was created in 1948. At that time there were only 400 yeshiva students . . .

They are a relatively poor social group. Most ultra-Orthodox men are unemployed because of their religious studies and rely on donations, state benefits and their wives’ wages to live.


An example of the secular and religious divide in Israel.


Some of them don’t even recognize the State of Israel.
Some of them are lazy, prefer to stick there nose into a book, and let others do the fighting for them, if they live in the Country all have to play an equal part in making sure the Country is safe not just left to some of the Secular Jewish population, while this lot sit on there tush and read the Torah. its about time the law was changed, it will take courage, and of course there will be protest after protest - they will have to get real.


God bless them for standing up for their principles, their religion, their way of life!


I agree, and I pray they succeed.


You mean their false religion. Instead of praying for them to keep up the “fight” we should be praying for them to accept Christ and become Catholics. I don’t care if it’s not PC, Jews will not be saved if they remain religious Jews.


You might want to read up on this a bit more




They have time to protest but not to work or serve…they remind me of certain segments of the US population that take much and contribute nothing.

The Israelis would be wise to put them in their place post-haste. They only get bolder with each generation.


I’m sure they have plenty of time to work they just feel that protesting conscription is a more important use of their time.


Judging by how many unfortunately refuse to accept Christ, I don’t see much hope for those remaining in Judaism to be saved. ALL are called to accept Christ, Jews included.


I have sometimes wondered if this kind of ultra-orthodox is something that has only come about because the State of Israel is there to enable them. There does seem to be a bit of a free-loading aspect to their lives.
At the beginning they were an insignificant group in terms of numbers, but having special privileges fosters greater and greater numbers.

They are a good example of how being dependent on others for their livelihood does not make people feel gratitude and solidarity toward their hosts and benefactors, but rather such a relationship fosters attitudes of resentment and entitlement, and even a narcissism with the belief that the world revolves around them.

These, I think, are the groups that like to spit at Christians. I see them as punks perpetually stuck in adolescence.


They have time to work indeed, yet they do not work as they refuse to.

Read up on the welfare based existence of the Haredi.


Romans 2:10 RSV
but glory and honor and peace for every one who does good, the Jew first and also the Greek.


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