Um, did I say "Amen" too late?

At Mass yesterday, I hastily decided to received Holy Communion on the tongue while standing. (Keep in mind that my local parish does not have altar rails at the present time.) Unfortunately, the host was already in my mouth when I said, “Amen.” Did I say “Amen” too late? Maybe I should receive Holy Communion in the hand from now on. After all, I’m taller than a number of the extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion.

You’re not supposed to talk with the Host in your mouth, so if the minister puts it in your mouth before you say Amen, then just don’t say it.

Back when everybody received on the tongue while standing, the priests had the rhythm down to let you get the “Amen” out first before they put the Host on your tongue. Nowadays it’s kind of a lost art and you have lay ministers who aren’t used to giving Communion on the tongue.

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Yes, you said Amen too late.

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Argghh! sigh

It’s alright. Don’t worry about it.


On a Sunday Mass, if it is during football season, I think you would receive a 10 yard penalty and repeat of down…just kidding…relax and be at peace! :slight_smile:

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Anything we say has the potential to create damage. We should not be giving out advise here

You sound like you have scruples. Please speak with your priest maxirad

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