Why has this website been banned for hate speech? Why is it, that people just mention ‘nazi’ in germany and get arrested when these websites are simply considered ‘free speech’?

Is it possible to report these websites?

I’m not sure why this particular website has been banned, but if it was banned by the German government it probably contained pro-Nazi information or was a mouthpiece for any of the banned far right partys in that country.

Germans generally enjoy free speech, but anything relating to the Nazi-era, such as insignias, flags, uniforms, the Hitler salute etc. is forbidden to be used in a manner that would be seen as supporting the Third Reich or downplaying its crimes. There are also a few political partys that have been banned due to the prevalance of Nazis or their particular politics.

Other than that Germans have free speech laws that allow for many of the same freedoms found in the US and presumably Australia. Unless a religious website started to take on Nazi views it is doubtful it would ever be banned, even if the majority of Catholics found it distasteful or offensive.


I don’t know anything about them, except from a quick Google search. According to their own claims, lots of people seem ban them (AOL, Godtube, Germany etc)

Here is what one site, which lists religious based anti-Catholic organizations, says about them:

Presents of God Ministry

A ministry and web site based in Fowler, Indiana, and associated (in some way) with the Seventh Day Adventist Church. They believe Saturday is the true sabbath, and regard the Catholic Church as the anti-Christ, whose “mark” is moving the sabbath to Sunday. (For a detailed explanation, see the Flash animations on the anti-Christ which are accessible from the home page.) The site contains a number of anti-Catholic articles; because of its design it is very difficult to navigate and impossible to link to specific pages.

NB: poGm is the organization behind the website mentioned in the first post.

Sorry, I’m a complete idiot.

I wrote ‘Why has this website been banned for hate speech’…

I was supposed to write 'Why hasn’t this site been banned for hate speech".

I was wondering. I took one look at the site and saw all of the anti-Catholic rhetoric.

That’s okay. Another poster mentions that this website is based in the state of Indiana. In the United States we aren’t in the habit of banning sites that express opinions, no matter how distasteful you or I may find them. I think that’s one of the strengths of this country. However, as much as they have the right to put their views out there your right to ignore them and not read their site is just as strong.


For now.

Whatever that means.


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