UN: 168 million people will need humanitarian help in 2020

Conflicts and climate change will forced one in 45 people to seek assistance in 2020, according to a new UN report. The world body launched a $29 billion appeal to help the most vulnerable people around the world.

Around 167.6 million people worldwide will need some form of emergency assistance in 2020, including food, shelter and healthcare, according to the United Nation’s Global Humanitarian Overview.

The UN report said this estimate, which it said was the highest in decades, will only continue to grow “unless climate change and the root causes of conflict are better addressed.”

Whether one buys climate change or not, this is a lot of people, if one wants to talk about refugees and displaced persons.

I’m greatly surprised the number is that low, and would wonder how the UN came up with it. But it also seems to me the bow to “climate change” is just a political assertion without a reliable foundation.

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