Un-Catholic Catholics bluff.


“Mary as Co-redemptrix and Mediatrix of all graces is a doctrine – though not yet infallibly defined…”

Whoa, Nellie! “The Woman Who Once Was Mary, Lady of All Nations: Coredemptrix, Mediatrix & Advocate” is from the most condemned apparition in the history of the Church. The phony demand for belief in CoMA as soft doctrine makes the teachings of apologists, theologians and wacky seers the ultimate teaching authority, bypassing Peter and the Apostles. That’s un-Catholic Catholicism.

**You can’t make a doctrine out of three undefined titles. Doctrine is teaching, not empty labels. There are over three hundred undefined Marian titles. You can’t arbitrarily grab three and call them one dogma because the Church used those names. These titles are as much mystical poetry as theology. And you can’t define them apart from the writings of the Church. **

**Mary has been written of in papal encyclicals as “cooperating” with Christ’s sacrifice, not effecting it as stated by supporters of Peerdeman. Mary didn’t “offer up” her Son as a priestess in a kind of child sacrifice. It’s not like it takes much discernment to see how goofy Peerdeman is. She also called another condemned Marian “seer” the reincarnation of Mary. The fake seer who once was Mary–that’s an un-Catholic Catholic. **

**There has been a disturbing trend to bypass pastoral oversight and go direct to the people as seen in EWTN’s misstep of offering a petition to the Vatican for the adoption of the “Final Dogma” of “seer” Ida Peerdeman. Promoted by Franciscan University professor Mark Miravalle, who sells Ida Peerdeman’s condemned writings through VOX POPULI (“voice of the people”), the “Final Dogma” was graciously separated from the un-Catholic Catholic authoress and considered independently by the Vatican. **

**The Prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Ratzinger, dismissed the “Final Dogma” as confusing and divisive, stating there is no chance of adoption or even of further consideration. The millions of petitions and sturm und drang would never have taken place had there been conformity with Peter. **

All the error and confusion would have been bypassed if only the faithful had heeded Pius XII’s warnings regarding Ida Peerdeman, or if apologists and theologians had obeyed multiple Vatican condemnations given in the face of continued rebellion–and a lucrative pilgrimage trade. Real Catholics turn to pastors empowered and authorized by Christ Himself. When in doubt, call their bluff and call your bishop, because an un-Cathoic Catholic is just a protestant.


Um, Uncatholic Catholic? Thats equivalent to saying “Less human than human”. How can something be more or less than what it is? If anything is less than Catholic, it is just plain Not Catholic. It falls under the multitude of heresies condemned by the Church. Catholic is, everything else isn’t.


Bishop Joseph Mary Punt of Haarlem-Amsterdam gave approval
to have devotion to Our Lady of All Nations, and that same Bishop issued a letter saying the apparition is supernatural.


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