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Whenever i see something like the upside down five-pointed star ( or whatever it’s called, you know, the satanist symbol?) or even something of another religion, like a star of david, i immediatly have to start praying because i get the feeling i’ve done something wrong, or have interacted with the devil in some way. Is this demonic obsession, or do i just have an OCD problem?


Eh, the pentagram were used by Christians for awhile en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pentagram The upside down ones you see today are failry new. As for praying because you see a star of David or a Cresent moon, it just means you are intolerant of other religions :wink:


I believe you are merely having a problem discerning between guilt and spiritual revulsion. It’s a good thing to pray when you see a symbol dedicated to Satan, not out of guilt but because, as a Christian, it repulses you, as it ought to do.

It’s always a good thing to guard our souls against anything that smacks of evil, even if we are innocent of committing any evil on account of it or not. But, there is no need to feel guilty just because you saw something that represents evil. Just don’t dwell on it and so open yourself to being attracted to that evil.

As for the Star of David, I have no idea why it would make you feel guilty. It’s not a symbol of evil but merely a symbol of modern Israel and of the Jewish people. Unless you have anti-Semitic feelings, it ought not to bother you at all.


I don’t think i’m anti-semitic, i have a lot of jewish friends. It’s just that since it’s a symbol of a religion that doesn’t involve Christ, it kind of bothers me. ( I know that sounds anti-semitic, i’m sorry it’s hard to explain)


Don’t know about the other symbols, but the Star of David is older than the modern Jewish state (hence its use in WW2, prior to the formation of the State of Israel).

It’s a symbol of the religion that Christ himself was initiated into, raised in, and practiced, albeit in a more perfect and developed form.

He himself was a Jew, and saw himself as such, don’t doubt that for a second. The religion did indeed involve him, or should I say he involved himself in it. Do you think HE would have been repulsed by a symbol of Judaism?


I guess your right…

I’m sorry it’s not just the star of david, that was an example though. I guess i should try to stop doing that. But since you mentioned that, would it be wrong to wear a star of david? It is a jewish symbol, and catholicism is kind of judaism with an extra half right?


Some people think it is Satan’s most evil symbol, and is used to summon demons, and is the parent of the word hes. I think these people are a little:whacky:.




No - Christ was a Jew, not a Christian. He fulfilled Jewish law in 98% of all particulars, including circumcision, dietary laws, ritual purity laws etc. He wouldn’t be repulsed by his heritage, neither should we be.

We on the other hand ARE Christians, his followers. We have 2000-odd extra years of religious development. We have been dispensed from many of the things Christ followed, and have added traditions and laws of our own. We are very different creatures.

I wouldn’t wear one-half of a cross or a crucifix, so neither would I wear a Star of David. But I wouldn’t be repulsed by the sight of one either.


ahahah the star of David. Jesus probably had a star of David tattoo. :wink:

Seriously. Just go to Italy. You can see the star of David EVERYWHERE.


I think i got a way to describe what i mean. When i see a symbol of another relgion, especially if i’m in mid-prayer or something, i seem to think i’m somehow accepting that religion instead of catholicism. I know it sounds wierd. I don’t think the star of david summons demons or anything though.


Hint: stay away from India, China, Japan, and just about any eastern religions area. The #1 holy symbol of Hinduism is the OM synbol. The second is the swastika. Buddhism outside of Europe and the USA also celebrates the swastika.

Many Native-American tribes used the swastika until World war 2.

Footnote. The Nazis NEVER called it the swastika, it was their hakencruz.

Nothing ticks off Hindus, Buddhists, and other religions then ignorant Christians and Jews calling the swastika evil.


I’m not saying you’re :whacky:. I’m saying people like Doc Marquis, who has seminars explaining how everything from the Star of David, to wreaths, to bobbing for apples is the work of Satan.

And the entomology of hex doesn’t come from hexagram.

There’s a big leap from being uncomfortable to saying it’s the most dastardly of occult symbols.

Guess you have to watch these people in action to get it.


How can you see anything Jewish and NOT love Jesus? Christians, who really read the Old Testament with an open heart read Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in every line.

The Star of David is the sign of the King – Jesus is the Davidic King come to fulfill that royal line. The Star of David is Jesus’ star.

In another post you ask if Catholicism is a kind of Judaism with the extra half. I would turn that around. Judaism is Christianity minus its full completion.


the Star of David IS a symbol of Christ because David is a type of Christ in the OT. If you begin reading and studying the OT for what it is, the promise and foreshadowing of the NT, you will not have problems with things Jewish, but rather will come to love and cherish the Jews as our older brothers in faith in the one true God.


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