UN denounces Trump's travel ban as 'mean-spirited' and illegal under human rights law


Mr Trump’s executive order, which also suspended all US refugee programmes for 120 days, would “endanger lives”, the medical aid agency Médecins Sans Frontières said.

The Paris-based advocacy group said Mr Trump’s order “will effectively keep people trapped in war zones, directly endangering their lives”.

MSF, also known as Doctors Without Borders, called the refugee ban “an inhumane act against people fleeing war zones”.

Where does our Constitution say we must admit refugees that the UN says we have to admit?

For one thing, we are certainly not keeping anyone in a war zone by insisting on vetting those who want to leave it or, more likely, already have left it, by admitting them to this country.

It’s unfortunate that the UN is as hostile to America as it appears to be.

This is not surprising that the UN is denouncing the temporary travel ban. They can move to another country anytime!

So now its: the State Department, the UN, the Pope, NA Bishops decrying the ban.

Look around and see who your allies are in this. (Note - David Duke is not a good ally).

How about ordinary Americans? Do you count?

Joshman, as the religious living in a secular country, and the president’s duty being to uphold the constitution, faithfully execute it’s laws and look out for American’s interests

We need to make an argument as to why the temporary travel ban is not in the US interests on practical vice emotional or religious grounds.

Similar to how we need to argue about gay marriage based on non-religious grounds to persuade others not bound to our religious views.


Well said. I think the state department memo is a good starting point - it emphasizes how this ban will not make America safer, but rather, only serves to work against our interests, and will likely breed more radical thought.

Trump’s refugee ban is a betrayal of Iraqis who risked their lives for us

I returned from Iraq on March 1, 2005. I was returning from a year-long tour as an adviser to the 1st Iraqi Army battalion, built, trained, and led in combat by the U.S. military. Our undertaking was historic – no American had ever built or led in combat an Arab army. The last westerner to train and lead an Arab army in combat was T.E Lawrence, commonly known as Lawrence of Arabia.

It would be difficult to overstate the hardship and dangers the first American advisory team lived through. Our Iraqi soldiers shared the danger. Our combat included the 2nd Battle of Fallujah in November – December 2004. Several of our Iraqi soldiers were abducted and tortured. Several were assassinated, including by beheading. And their families were subject to the same atrocities.


The inclusion of Iraq, and of people already in the U.S., makes no sense. Iraq is – at least in name – an ally. We have American troops right now as I write this, working with Iraqi forces in combat against ISIS in/around Mosul. There are Iraqi interpreters right now risking their lives, their families, what treasure they might have, and their sacred honor – for the sake of the U.S. war in Iraq. The executive order signed by the President is ill-conceived, and misses its target. The extension of the ban to green card (recently reversed) and Special Immigrant Visas holders endangers our troops currently in contact, and all future troops who will need the services of interpreters, on whom their lives will depend.

Only with some people it seems.

What exactly is ‘an ordinary American;’?

When and by who?

This describes the process under Obama. I don’t know what they are doing now.

Our President does not think that process was adequate. Neither do I.

How do they know which Syrian documents are real? How do they know which Somalis have “warrants” for their arrest issued by the various warlords who govern Somalia?

Have you studied the process up close? How did you acquire a practical understanding of the shortcomings of the process? Or are you just trusting Trump?

Infinite regression into details is not possible without knowledge we do not possess.

Trusting Trump. Questions about the process have been brought up before and the process remained. Now those questions can be addressed.

Muslim and Christian refugees need to be treated equally if we are to uphold the Constitutional law we Americans are supposed to value!

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