UN fears over no-charge jury decisions - Eric Garner death


Y’all heard about this? The UN is on alert after the two “no-charge jury decisions” in the US. Just a heads up.

UN human rights experts have expressed “legitimate concerns” about US juries failing to charge policemen involved in the deaths of two black civilians.

It is part of a broader “pattern of impunity” concerning minority victims, the UN said in a statement.




THe U.N. can get lost, and relocate in Zimbabwe or some other miserable country. THe only reason that this Garner tragedy is a national story is b/c it serves the meme that whites still abuse blacks. Change Garner to white, or the cop to black, and it would be nothing more than a local story.
Do I think that excessive force was used? Yes. But the U.N. is corrupt to its bone marrow. They have NOTHING to teach America.:mad:


The UN is so messed up and corrupt that it really has no moral authority and is useless.


It sounds like the old saying about the kettle call the pot black. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m so tired of the UN being the PC arm of the liberal West.

As far as the cases themselves go, I have no comment here.


I agree. The UN is useless. Are they concerned with the black on black crime and murders?


That isn’t cool and won’t get anyone a certificate of tolerance from the New Black Panther party or just a pat on the back with a “I’m glad you’re not like those other white racists”.


I am impressed that they were able to take time out from their primary purpose,condemning Israel , to condemn the U.S… I suspect their next move will be to ask the U.S. for 10 billion dollars to have Syria and N Korea examine oppression in the U.S…




I agree with the UN. I think the finding of fact and culpability should be done politically and not by an objective body of your peers. It would be much more efficient if we could just ask Al Sharpton who should get indicted. It would save a lot of money and we would not have to inconvenience the locals.


:slight_smile: Speaking of political slant, the BBC should be ashamed of publishing this article. Check out the statistics about black crime - they don’t even mention the percentage of black on black crime committed in the US vs. the number of blacks in the general population - the sad justification for “racial profiling.” If there is one thing the BBC loves demeaning more than the Catholic Church…it’s the US!


I think some Brits are still not over losing to us at the Battle of New Orleans :smiley:


And where would we find an objective body of our peers?


Let’s say more objective than a room full of Sharptons. At least a jury process goes through a filtering process to ensure some semblance of objectivity, the media does not.


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