UN Human rights?

There are a series of commercials advocating so called “human rights”. Here is the link to their site:


While most are possitive or benign. The overall tone does raise concerns.

Not included is the natural right to self defense on the contrary is there number "28. A free and fair world. There must be proper order so we can all enjoy rights and freedoms in our own country and all over the world. "

To many times history has proven that “proper order” is a staple of tyranny.

While “17. Your own things. Everyone has the right to own things or share them. Nobody should take our things from us without a good reason.” sounds good, they also have "22. The right to social security. We all have the right to affordable housing, medicine, education, and child care, enough money to live on and medical help if we are ill or old."and “25. A bed and some food. We all have the right to a good life. Mothers and children, people who are old, unemployed or disabled, and all people have the right to be cared for.”

While we all need to help the less fortunate, the trend of late has been to use this as an excuse to raid the productive sectors of society and give that money to sectors of society who have adapted to living off of others.

With that said, is this a worthy effort or a misleading one?

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