Un invited for Thanksgiving


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If you're worried about the crowd at your table (or lack of it) consider talking to your local military base chaplain or veteran's group. Inviting these Patriots to your table is an amazing experience for you and your family and it gives them a home for the holiday.

I've hosted hundreds of different soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen, and Marines over the years. It's been the delight of my life and is a tradition I started while in high school.

Another idea is to think of those you know who are less fortunate and invite them. Putting together a Thanksgiving meal on a shoestring budget is so difficult and they can really teach you and your family as well.


I love that you have this to add, I hope someone here will consider your good advice.
I'm generally very shy. And though, I love entertaining people, I'm awkward with a group of new people.I'm more of a family person with not many big social connections. This would be a huge step for me to take.
I have always encouraged my own family and friends to invite folks they know don't have any place to go to my holiday table. And it has been very pleasant. Once my Uncle brought an 76 year old neighbor of his. My husband invited his 85 year old Uncle once for Christmas.
I feel very blessed to have them. I think I get more from it than they do.
God Bless!


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