UN report says temperatures in Adelaide will make it world's hottest city on Thursday


Home Sweet Home :stuck_out_tongue:


I just hope all the elderly, children and babies and sweet animals all stay safe and as cool as possible. Let’s get through today without any bad news of fires, illnesses or deaths… :signofcross:


An overnight low of over 95 degrees F. Got AC? :cool:


Nup! Not yet… just a ceiling fan and pedestal fans in a new house. But luckily most of the house stays dark and hasn’t been unbearable. But it’s still hot in here, that’s for sure.

And half my luck, today, of all days, is the only day I have to leave the house for a doc appointment. :rolleyes:



I don’t. My house is structurally fairly cool - but it does eventually heat up after a few days of these temperatures - and this is day four of 100+. We often have power blackouts on these worst days, so an AC may not work anyway.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for the vulnerable!


Prayers for those house bound .
Praying fires from lightening strikes are brought under control before tomorrows 41c heat
and strong wind gusts :blush: 35c in my kitchen yesterday,finding it hard to cool down the little house.


Just been to my doc appointment and then had a few other errands.

It. Is. HOT. Out. There… yep… :coolinoff:

Of course, topic of the day you hear about the place and between everyone you speak to is the news article and the weather itself :stuck_out_tongue:


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