UN says Ireland’s abortion ban ‘cruel, inhuman or degrading’

I listened to the news story and arguments on the radio, just now.

Agreeing with this statement was the Irish head of ‘Amnesty International’, i.e. the human rights:rolleyes: organisation that is also trying to get Catholic schools reduced, if not annihilated, in the whole island of Ireland - as that also discriminates against ‘human rights’! Looks like this NGO was set up with worldwide secularisation, as it’s main long term goal.

Fortunately, another speaker, Dr Tom Finnegan, from the Iona institute, was superb in his arguments against. :thumbsup:



*A woman carrying a foetus with a fatal abnormality was subjected to discrimination and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment due to Ireland’ s abortion ban, the United Nations has found.

It called for the strict prohibition to be reversed, including reforming the right to life of the unborn in the Constitution if necessary, to allow women to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy safely.

The independent experts, from the Geneva-based Human Rights Committee, said Amanda Mellet was forced to choose between carrying her baby to term, knowing it would not survive, or travelling abroad for a termination.

The UN body also hit out at the Government for putting her through financial and emotional suffering.*

It has been apparent for quite some time that the UN is corrupt. It aggravates me that they are headquartered in the US and that we pay too much of their upkeep. I don’t see much good coming out of that body.

I prefer to read the criticisms of people at the U.N.

I think the UN does or has the power to do an awful lot of good in the world.

And then it says stuff like this.

While it’s true to say that the law may well have put this poor woman through a lot of suffering (and my heart bleeds for her), it doesn’t follow that to sort this ‘problem’ out Ireland needs to reduce in legal personhood an unborn child, however gravely ill he or she is or could be after birth.

Meanwhile Amnesty International also does a lot of good work. It was set up primarily to focus on ending the imprisonment of people for political crimes, supporting those who have been, and stopping the use of torture (and while these things happen they are less widespread today partly thanks to AI). It’s a shame that recently it’s found a diversion from its mostly wonderful record to force a particular ‘liberal’ (as would be called in the United States) agenda on the world, in the name of a particular view of human rights.

Heres the question on everyones minds! How many of these people represent/receive “donations” from Planned Parenthood?

Down is up.

That’s the shame of it all. The potential for doing good is threatened by those who would use the organization for political posturing. Like other organizations that could do good, or have done a lot, this “branching out” will change their universality into another partisan organization. SPLC comes to mind, along with the aforementioned Amnesty International.

The UN has two primary purposes:

  1. Condemn Israel as much as possible
  2. Get as much money from the US as possible.

Remember, the UN was the organization that tried to consider the Holy See as a violator of human rights due to the Church’s stands on abortion, contraception, and same-sex “marriage”.

As for the UN’s stances - the UN is heavily influenced by American NGOs, such as Amnesty International, the International Planned Parenthood Association, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Human Rights Watch, etc. Oddly enough, it’s usually the representatives of governments of 3rd world countries that are the voice of reason in the General Assembly.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the UN hasn’t done anything worthwhile since June of 1950.

Ireland’s prolife people would argue that the UN and Amnesty International, both organisations created to protect life, should not be trying to let mothers murder their own son and daughters in the womb.

They are becoming close to the Nazis they were organised to prevent ever arising again.
The Nazis killed people in the gas chamber or with lethal injections, who had any special needs or impairments.
The Nazis had no problem murdering babies in the womb.

Intercourse creates Children.
God created it that way. God’s natural law.
All those people who do not want to become pregnant should not be having intercourse with whoever they want. God asks Catholics to abstain until they are open to life through marriage, as a mother and father.

Seriously Unwanted pregnancies should be put up for adoption, and let that child live their life. Instead of murdering ones son or daughter in the womb.

The aztecs civilisation used to practice murder and slaughter of thousands of people and babies to their heathen gods.

What kind of world is civilisation is the world returning to…

The UN and Amnesty International will only protect the rights of children and people, but not babies??

They are trying to let mothers go to certified doctors to have their babies murdered.

And cruel is the new kind.

Benedicat Deus,

Both UN and Amnesty International condemn torture,

And then they try and promote murdering babies in the womb, (which is done through ripping the baby out piece by piece, burning the baby, suffocating the baby, squeezing the babies head until it bursts, or leaving the born baby to starve to death, or die by lethal injections, -all methods employed by abortion doctors, those people certified to murder sons or daughters at the child’s mother’s request).

If it’s evil to kill a child, adult or elderly person, them it’s an even greater evil torture and murder a baby.

I think centralization is exceeding its bounds on a number of levels in Europe. Organizations such as the UN and the EU as well are accumulating too much power in the hands of an elite secular left wing few. It is time for the countries to start to take the lead and more independently define their own polices. The sky won’t fall - Europe will just work out new arrangements and powers like the UN, especially on these kinds of issues, will be undercut along the way.

(I remember the days when Ireland stood up to Europe against abortion.)

World War II resulted in the death of 80 million.

The UN and Amnesty International and the EU were set up to prevent torture and death.

The UN and Amnesty International and EU now push abortion on countries and
Abortion worldwide since 1970 has resulted in the death of 1.5 billion babies who received torturous deaths/ murder.

They are both causing a billion and a half, more deaths than World War II which caused 80 million deaths.

Abortion bans are ‘cruel, inhuman, or degrading’?

How ironic

You can say it as many times as you want, but it isn’t true.

Let’s also remember there is a political side to this. The UN is stridently anti-Israel, and many of its member countries are anti-semitic. In one way, it is just another exclude/reason/opportunity to bash Israel.


If only because I take little that farce of a group says seriously, I had to chuckle:

“Abortion bans are cruel, inhuman or degrading.”

Not all three mind you, just one of the three. Pick one, I guess?

Worthless UN can’t even make it’s incorrect, immoral point correctly.

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