UN says Ireland’s abortion ban ‘cruel, inhuman or degrading’


Nobody much care what the UN thinks after Rwanda.



Semi-ironic as Israel was created originally by UN edict.



The latest garbage!

Always back to the ‘old favourite’ i.e. that Ireland isn’t a civilised country. :rolleyes: The same rhetoric that was used in relation to the SS marriage vote.


*Amnesty International executive director Colm O’Gorman said the case was of “enormous international significance”.

“For the first time ever, a UN treaty body has found that the illegality of abortion is, in itself, a human rights violation,” he said.

“However, it joins a chorus of expert voices reminding Ireland that its abortion regime is wildly out of kilter with abortion law and practice in the family of civilised nations.”*

*However, the Pro Life Campaign said the UN’s Human Rights Committee had “become a de facto lobby group for abortion”.

Catholic Primate of All Ireland Eamon Martin said he had some difficulty with outside bodies telling Ireland what to do on abortion law.

The Archbishop of Armagh said it was a choice for Irish people, adding that the right to life trumped all other rights.*

Also the UN has seemingly ‘ordered’ the following:

The UN has ordered the Irish Government to compensate Ms Mellet and ensure she gets the adequate psychological treatment she may need and to prevent similar violations from occurring. It has also told the Government to report to it within six months on the measures it has taken to comply with the decision.



And the UN, EU, and Amnesty International don’t see it as a human rights violation to murder)/ torturously murder 1.5 billion baby sons and daughters,

The three institutions were set up to prevent a Nazi regime from rising again, but hypocritically they are promoting a murder-torture machine that has murdered/ butchered more than 2000% more human beings than World War One and World War Two put together.



I still say there is a reason that Pope Francis declared a Year of Mercy, and things like this just make we wonder all the more. I also ponder what might be coming our way in 2017, after the Year of Mercy has ended.



Yes, there was lots of sympathy in 1948 for the Jews, given the Holocaust. One might ponder if some folks at the UN consider that sympathy misplaced.




Us Irish have never taken kindly being told what to do in our own country, is this what the UN is doing these days, forcing countries to adopt abortion because that’s what “civilised” countries do, murder children. Don’t they have more urgent things to deal with, like I don’t know Syria, North Korea, Africa or Islamic State, but no one country still have Christian influences so we need to destroy that.



Well, if Brexit goes through, I predict that will start the ball rolling, by which I mean if the UK goes, that changes the game for everyone in the EU. Reset - as we say in the US. And it will have a trickle down effect on a wide variety of issues, including this one. (Though I suspect widespread secular liberal attitudes toward abortion in Ireland and all across Europe will remain the real stumbling block, not pressure from the UN per se - but at least there is more room to resist on an individual national level.)

Mind you, I would be very surprised if Brexit does go through. And I am off topic. Speaking of off topic - good luck in Euro 2016 Rep of Ireland!






It was validated by a UN edict. It was created by Jews coming to Israel, and fighting for that part of the world to be their homeland.



Indeed, pepipop and what we in Ireland need to realise, above all, I think, is that this secularisation functions as ANOTHER RELIGION.

So it’s not a matter of ending - or annihilating - religious schools.

It’s all about replacing these religious schools with different religious schools …

I.e. setting up schools with a new secular religion with its own rules and values.



Precisely, RogerB!

A ‘religion’ that will have the school curriculum including subjects such as:- Same sex education being taught to primary school kids; Ongoing discussions about transgenderism and changing school toilets to accommodate same.

Also, other religious teachings such as how abortion and euthanasia are the way ‘civilised’ countries operate, etc., etc.,

It’s astounding the zeal they are putting into trying to get rid of Catholic schools, when there has already been polls taken of parents that indicated only 8% are interested in ‘community’ schools.

There are only 1.6% (46) of primary schools that are oversubscribed - i.e. the school will use baptism into the Catholic faith as a first preference measure - i.e. a GOVERNMENT problem, as more schools are needed to be built in those areas.

Needless to say, this is the main headline used, by AI, in relation to this DREADFUL human right’s issue - that parents ‘have’ to get their children baptised. There are 98.4% (nearly 3000) Irish primary schools where it has never been used and they take children from all denominations! irishcatholic.ie/article/revealed-only-46-catholic-schools-oversubscribed

All lies and deceit, but that’s the only news getting into the Irish press, which is all further promoted by Amnesty International.



Maybe communists still have control of the UN even after the Soviet Bloc fell.



These twisted organizations must be unfunded - no applause and thank yous for phony humanitarian causes. They have grown so powerfully large so full of secular deceit they can only be shut down. Too worthless to have any good purpose. The world will be better rid of them.


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