Una Voce America/FSSP to train priests to say the Latin Mass


I think this will be a very positive step for the growth of the Latin Mass in America, especialy if the general indult is issued. It will be interesting to see how many priest are trained.

I hope & pray that there is training. It would be a nightmare if Priests were just turned loose without training. It would be nice & much more efficient use of Priests if it were Latin. A Priest from Brooklyn could be pulled to say Mass in Poland & visa versa without haviing to worry about liguistics. :amen:

Sweet. I hope they get an awesome turn out.

I’m not so sure they’ll get a big turnout. I would suspect that interested priests would be orthodox priests who already say orthodox liturgies of the Missa Normativa. If they are anything like the orthodox liturgies around here the Masses are packed and, at least, from my discussions with these orthodox pastors there seems to be little interest in the TLM among the parishioners. So, it may be that the likely candidates for such training don’t see a pastoral need for such a liturgy within their parish. It could be a bit of a catch 22.

Praise God! :smiley:

This is good news and it gives even more hope that the indult will be released soon.

I’ll have to concede that point to you, Ham. However, the hope is that the M.P. will inspire MORE priests, especially those that have been turned off because of all the Church scandals, declining attendance. and perhaps even fear of the local bishops.

Yes, it would likely inspire a greater return to Tradition which would be good. It will help to bring the TLM to areas where is has not been allowed, but those areas are becoming more scarce already with more and more faithful orthodox bishop’s being put into place. Ultimately, what will change the Church thoroughly is strong bishop’s (like all of the newer ones!) who will clean up the seminaries and bring on good young priests. Only then will the liturgical abuses dwindle away to the rare exception. The good news is that by all indications this is occurring right now and has been for the last 10 years or so. Things are looking up!

…actually, minimal training would, or should, be required to properly vocalize the Latin Rite…Latin being a phonetic language, like Spanish, but without the necessity of attempting to reproduce the anomalies such as the trilled and flapped r’s, the proper gutteral rendering of jota, and the tonal distinctions between b and v…a fair amount of butchering could be done and what native speaker would be around to complain…

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