Una Voce in Charlotte, NC

Is anyone in the Charlotte, NC area interested in supporting a local chapter of Una Voce? I have contacted them and talked at length with a gentleman in Greenville, SC and we think it may be worth a shot. We need at least 3 people, myself and at least 2 others to start.

I am a student at Belmont Abbey, just outside of Charlotte, although I’m not in Charlotte at present–summer break just started. I would be very interested in starting this up, as would more than a few of my friends there. Not sure if it could be an on-campus thing, but we would be glad to lend our support. PM me about this if you like.


I am no where near Charlotte, but I do want to ask what is the point of making an Una Voce? Does it petition the Bishop to approve the TLM? Does it show that X people want it?


This is taken from unavoce.org/unavoce.htm

Una Voce (from the Preface of the Most Holy Trinity (with one voice) is an international federation of associations, founded in 1966 in Rome, that now includes national associations in 17 nations on every continent. It is dedicated to ensuring that the Roman Mass codified by St. Pius V is maintained as one of the forms of Eucharistic worship which are honored in universal liturgical life, and to restoring the use of Latin, Gregorian Chant, and sacred polyphony in Catholic liturgy.

The Una Voce International website provides information about officers and national associations: www.fiuv.org

Members believe that use of Latin in the Mass and Sacraments is a unifying force, needed by the Church in these days of widespread controversy. They believe that using the rites which were the form of Catholic worship for over 1,500 years will preserve the traditional emphasis on the Mass as Sacrifice, with its central teaching of transubstantiation, This, in turn, will help reverse the decline in vocations as altar boys, charged with difficult and meaningful duties, will be imbued from an early age with a sense of the sacred.

Just FYI anybody, that link is wrong (it’s listed wrong on their website). It’s www.ifuv.org.

Thanks, I guess I need to let them know so they can fix the link on the website.

I believe I/we have the required minimum amount of people now, we would love any and all interested in this apostolate to join us. Any who love the Church, the Liturgy(especially the Mass according to the books in force in 1962) and the Sacraments are welcome to join us.

I would like to thank the guys from Belmont Abbey college who stepped up to help with this. Also, We have finally formed the local chapter of Una Voce, naming it Una Voce Charlotte, St. Bernard Chapter. Our website is uvcharlotte.org/index.htm
I would like to invite anyone who may be interested to check out our website and contact us. Thanks again.

The website seems to be down…

regardless, though, I wish you and your chapter of Una Voce the best of luck!


It is working now. Thanks.

I see what the problem is now. I gave the wrong address.

It is uvcharlotte.org
. Sorry about that.

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