Unabashedly manly-man movies (anti-PC, anti-chick flicks)

I really enjoy the following movies. The heroes tend to personify the virtues of honor, integrity, and fortitude (although perhaps not many of the other virtues) in their fight for a higher cause.

These kinds of movies tend to be on the violent side, but at least they are often are not very explicit sexually.

Blackhawk Down
Black Robe
Conan the Barbarian
The Mission
The Sand Pebbles
Saving Private Ryan
The Vikings
We Were Soldiers
…and other anti-PC, anti-chick flicks…

Do any of the womenfolk like these movies?

In a word…yes!

Your list is good…but I would add Rob Roy.

Die Hard

The only one of the above that I haven’t liked is Conan, can’t put my finger on why. Funnily enough I loved the first two Terminator movies though, so I don’t think it’s Arnie per se :shrug:

I would add, off the top of my head, and arranged by actor, the Patriot (Mel Gibson and the late great Heath Ledger), Mad Max (aka The Road Warrior) and the Lethal Weapon series, Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and a majority of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood (have to thank my Dad for giving me a love of those two) …

Independence Day I think is un-pc enough and violent enough to perhaps just scrape in, and so much humour as well

Yeah, the Conan character is pretty strange. By being a rogue mercenary in search of booty and brigandage, he’s the anti-hero who actually becomes a hero in a weird way. It takes a while to wrap your brain around the whole idea of Conan.

BTW, I don’t include the sequel on my list. In a bid to widen the appeal of Conan in the sequel (Conan the Destroyer), that movie’s producers did violence to the Conan character by softening him. It was almost like they were two different characters.

Violence in movies bores me to no end (I fell asleep in Rambo).

Violence seems just a cheap trick, the equivalent of a car chase or most special effects- boring to no end.

Mr. Knightly in the movie Emma is a man. Mr. Darcy in Pride and Predjudice is a man. Richard the Third with Olivier is a bad man.

Wars and violence represent failure.

The Marine with John Cena and Robert Patrick–a glorification of manly testosterone! It’s a great “guilty pleasure,” a wonderful way to waste an evening!

The only problem is, the guys are so hot that it’s fun for womenly-women to watch, too!

Watch the following 1 minute video–lots of fun!–


LOTS of us womenfolk like, nay LOVE, these movies. It’s rather silly to say that they’re somehow anti-chick, or even anti-PC. Non-chick flick would be a better description. I have personally always been a fan of a good rousing, action-adventure, I-am-hero-hear-me-roar type films. Braveheart is definitely one of the best.
V for Vendetta
Iron Man
The Patriot
The 13th Warrior
Way too many good action films out there to list. . .

Master and Commander.

I like this one in particular because like Blackhawk Down, it is about regular folk rising to heroic challenges and breaks with the norm of the three goofy hero-types Hollywood offers now: The whisle-blower hero, the victim hero, and the comic-book super hero. See: Hollywood’s Hero Deficit

My all time favorite since I was a boy when it first came out - Ben Hur.

El Cid
Major Dundee

I’m with Lily too on the John Wayne and Clint Eastwood westerns.
John Wayne in True Grit and the sequel Rooster Cogburn should appeal to both males and females.

I liked Master and Commander - it was fairly faithful to the book but the books are far, far superior to the movie and one of my favorite treasures.

I guess that’s part of the problem when it comes to movie adaptations. The two Conan movies are not the Conan of Robert E. Howard. The Jack Ryan on screen is not the Jack Ryan of Tom Clancy’s novels.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned Indiana Jones.

I must have low testosterone, from the list the only ones I’ve seen are “Saving Private Ryan” (excellent) and “Braveheart” (okay).

Since I’m married and we don’t go out much I think the ideal movie would be a chick flick with some car chases and explosions :smiley:

I think 300 is the ultimate man movie! without a doubt… "this is Sparta!“
A runner up that wasn’t mentioned is the western Tombstone. Val Kilmer as Doc Holiday was amazing. It is one of my guilty pleasure. In honor of my dad I would have to to add one of his favorite, The Magnificent Seven” a great western.

Which Jack Ryan? We’ve had Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Alec Baldwin. Would Harrison Ford be the closest to the book Jack Ryan then the others?

I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned one of my favorite manly-man movies yet!

It’s titled “Equilibrium”, the trailer of which can be seen here:


It stars Christian Bale and Taye Diggs as highly-trained Grammaton Clerics, people who enforce the state rule that things that cause emotion should be destroyed because they incite passion and therefore rebellion. Art, music and even affection are taboo and must be stamped out for their post-war society to survive. Shades of Fahrenheit 451.

In my opinion this movie surpasses The Matrix, and kicks so much behind I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Highly recommended.

I love both Conan movies, the first one more.

I don’t see how you can call either one an anti-chick movie, with heroines like Valeria and Grace Jones. Of course, Valeria does get killed by the villain in approved, hero-motivating style. But “Do you wanna live forever?” is still one of my favorite lines.

The second movie was really brought down by the thief character. But, for me, it is salvaged by Grace Jones. If she wasn’t in it, I’d never have watched it more than once. I didn’t think Conan was “softened,” just stuck with a stupid sidekick and a bottle-blonde chickie-poo that Valeria would have slapped silly. And I loved the fight scene in the mirror room.

And then there was Red Sonja… Gag me.

I love Bogie, and he was in a few “manly man” movies. I think Casablanca qualifies as both a “manly man” and a “chick flick.” That’s a rare combo these days.

I like my action and violence laced with humor, something approaching good morals, or both. Give me a manly hero, a strong, likable heroine, a lot of laughs, and a happy ending.

Probably my favorite along those lines is True Lies.

God bless us all,


Equilibrium is definitely an incredible movie. Whether or not it surpasses The Matrix is open to discussion, but either way, it should be way up on anybody’s list.


None of the above. They haven’t found him yet.

I didn’t particularly care for 300. It was 180 out from The 300 Spartans with Burt Lancaster which I saw as a kid and now have on DVD.

How about John Wayne in The Quiet Man?

The Quiet Man is a tedious load of old cobblers set in an Oirish setting for me and it made me cringe the one time I saw part of it. It was John Ford’s weakest movie for me - far better was The Informer which is also set in Ireland (in this case during the War of Independence) and is a far grittier and as a movie is far truer to the realities of the time and the country.

I agree with the gent who said the problem with the Conan movies is that the Conan portrayed is not the one from the books -obviously there would have to be some changes as in the books Conan just springs upon the scene fully formed with no origin storiy and that wouldn’t have worked so well but the character in the books has a complexity and darkness combined with nobility the movie character lacks.

I’d agree with Brotherhrolf about 300 though - a movie I don’t care for at all and I didn’t care a great deal for the comic it’s based on either.

I’m a big James Cagney fan here and White Hear or the Public Enemy are two of my favourite movies of all time. The ending of the latter still has the power to shock even now.

As for Clint Eastwood movies The Outlaw Josey Wales gets my vote.

If it’s John Wayne movies his last movie The Shootist is not so manly man as some but I have a particular weakness for it.

If chick flicks are chick flicks, and these are the opposite of chick flicks, I don’t really see these as anti-chick flicks. Maybe rooster flicks would be a better term.


:thumbsup: I LOVE James Cagney, White Heat, Angels With Dirty Faces, Public Enemy. Great Stuff.

And I do love The Quiet Man (what can I say?) But The Informer is very good, perhaps better.

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