Unabashedly, unapologetically, un-PC, testosterone-drenched "guy" movies

Unabashedly, unapologetically, un-PC, testosterone-drenched “guy” movies.

Men…what are some of your favorites?

In no particular order, some of mine are:

  • Gladiator
  • Conan the Barbarian
  • Conan the Destroyer
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • The Sand Pebbles
  • Excalibur
  • The Vikings
  • 300
  • The Mission
  • Ben Hur
  • All three Terminator movies

The womenfolk are welcome to comment – so long as they don’t disagree with us. :wink:

I love at least half of those movies … does that mean I should be seeking sex-change surgery??? :o

Heck no Lily…there’s nothing wrong with women watching action/adventure films. Afterall, women like strong heroic men.

Here are some more films of the genre under discussion.

–Hard Times, starring Charles Bronson.

–Marathon Man

–Gran Prix

–The Unforgiven

No, not necessary. I’m sure you’re too pretty for that. :wink:

You can be an honorary male for the purposes of this thread, though. :o

*The Dirty Dozen

Rio Bravo


McClintock* (not recommended for feminists)

*Von Ryan’s Express

The Longest Day

Enemy At the Gates

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly*

I’m … honoured … with my honorary maleness :slight_smile:

I’ve actually inherited a fondness for Westerns and gladiator flicks from my Dad, it’s one of our bonding activities to watch John Wayne, Clint or whoever :cool:

What about Die Hard? I’m a woman who loves me some good action/adventure movies.

Heartbreak Ridge

The Green Berets! (John Wayne, George Takei as Captain Nim)

Wanted Dead or Alive (Rutger Hower and Gene Simmons I think)

Count me in as a girl who loves a good guy movie now and then! :thumbsup:

–Saving Private Ryan
–Die Hard
–Lethal Weapon

I could list more, but should be working. :blush:


High Plains Drifter
Pale Rider
All three Dollars movies
Total Recall
Both Conan movies
City of Violence
The Thing
Big Trouble in Little China
Escape from New York
Ichi the Killer
Flash Gordon
Six-String Samurai (watch this)

Rocky Quintilogy
Rambo 1-4
Pumping Iron


At first I thought it was just my sister in law. But there are lots of women who love action adventure movies and can’t abide romantic comedies. I don’t see enough movies to be a judge, but I liked Saving Private Ryan. Also all of the James Bond movies, but that just shows my age.

How could we forget Bond!

I’m wondering how I forgot The Road Warrior :doh2:

Got to throw in a pitch for Mel Gibson:

We Were Soldiers. (my personal required watching for all new supervisors)

Lethal Weapon (s)

(no, I’m not going to include Mad Max)

Walking Tall with Joe Don Baker. Not the ****** remake with The Rock.

My son and husband are in the background yelling “S.W.A.T.”!!!

ANY movie starring Robert Patrick is extremely MALE. He is the epitome of masculine men; he seems to be making extreme masculinity his trademark. He’s tough as nails, but so tender with his wife and children. Sigh.

Wrestling champion John Cena called Robert Patrick “the roughest, toughest guy he’s ever met.”

THE best “Man Movie” has to be–

The Marine, starring John Cena and Robert Patrick!

Here is a review that says that the movie is “brimming with testosterone”-- rottentomatoes.com/m/marine/articles/1549273/

If you Google, you will find that most reviews of this movie pretty much say the same thing–a definite “guy” movie.

I agree! There are three huge fiery explosions in the film with flying bodies and car parts and signs (Coke A Cola) and bricks and glass and all kinds of explosion debris. There are dozens of smaller explosions, and at several dozen or more cars get totally destroyed–cool cars like SUVs and Cadillacs. There are several car chases, a boat chase, a truck chase, and lots of foot chases. There are dozens of fights, with sledge hammers and big guns and a huge dagger and a chainsaw. There are two beautiful women, but of course they’re not only beautiful, they’re brainy, too (just like all of us real women!). And the fast one-liners in this movie just keep coming–the best is when one of the thugs says (about the Marine, Cena’s character)–“This guy is like the Terminator!”–and Robert Patrick’s character (the villain, Rome) gives him that evil, icy blue-eyed T-1000 glare!

There’s bad language, but it isn’t drenched with filth. And there are sexy scenes, but no outright nekkid sex. And there is definitely violence, but you know that none of it’s real and all of those people are just acting.

It’s the most wonderful of guilty pleasures, a great way to utterly waste an evening! I don’t think there’s one redeeming thing about this move–it’s just like playing “war” out in the vacant lot all day with your friends when you were eight years-old!

Women like me love The Marine for two reasons: John Cena and Robert Patrick!

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