Unable to afford medical treatment, a sin?


I’m Australian so am able to see certain doctors for free but my health is not sorted and am probably going to be referred on to specialists but I cannot afford them since I’ve just become unemployed. Perhaps I could go on a waiting list for a public specialist but I’m unsure.
The moral question is though if I can’t afford treatment then am I ok to not receive it? For me paying to go see a specialist will leave me with no money to pay rent, bills and for food.
My medical condition isn’t 100% serious (it’s hard to tell because I can’t afford a proper diagnoses yet) but debilitating (why I had to leave my job)

I’m not commiting a sin am I if I refuse to pay for expensive treatment which I can’t afford?


No, it’s not a sin.

Nice rose!


Another Australian here.

If you are unemployed, contact centrelink. You should be able to get a concession card. Most specialists will bulk bill patients on a concession card. It will also give discounted medication ($6 instead of $37, if it is PBS).

If the specialist your GP refers you to won’t bulk bill concession patients, ask for a referral to a different doctor.




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