Unable to help sick mother-in-law financially


My mother-in-law is very sick and may be dying.

My husband and I are in financial straits and can’t afford to travel to see her, we can barely afford groceries. However, my brother-in-law and his wife have been taking care of my mother-in-law, and I’d like to help them in some way, but I feel useless and doomed because we have no financial support to give.

Any helpful thoughts on this situation?


I am sorry you are going through this.

Don’t beat yourself up for what you cannot do.

What you CAN do is pray and love her-- and these are the most important things. Call her and spend quality time with her virtually, send her homemade cards, and pray.


I second these great suggestions. :thumbsup:


Rosaries, attending Mass for her, have Mass said for your family, visit the Blessed Sacrament. These will bring blessings that no money could buy.

Could you also reach out to your MIL’s parish, to make sure that someone is coming by to visit her and bring her Communion?


Could you send her periodic letters and cards? Small care packages with pictures your kids drew (if you have kids)? E-cards/ These kinds of things will make her feel loved and cared for even if you can’t be there in person.


You cannot be all things to all people. It’s great that your in-laws are right there for her, but you can’t be.Simple as that.

You have great suggestions from others. My husband is in the hospital right now, and I know it’s the little things that count, esp. prayer.


Often, when a relative is sick, the people who get forgotten about are the caregivers, for whom it can be quite difficult. So, I’d say that it would be worthwhile to try to be there emotionally for them. Call them up occasionally and ask how THEY are doing. Offer to be a listening, sympathetic ear if they need to vent. Provide whatever support possible in the small ways that you are able. But, basically, let them know that they are not forgotten and are appreciated


Just a suggestion, but why not send a thank you card to those who are taking care of her and let them know how much you appreciate all they are doing. God Bless.

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