Unable to make confession! PLEASE HELP!

today i went to my local parish to make a confession. there was a very long line because of Christmas eve and so i was not able make my confession because the priest hearing the confessions closed the confessional. does this mean i will not be able to take communion even though it wasn’t my fault that i couldnt make my confession? i had every desire to confess but i was unable to, i tried everything to confess but i was not able to.

Sorry, you can’t take the Eucharist. You will have to wait until you are in a state of grace before you can receive. :slight_smile:

As bben said, no, you can’t take communion.

However, this isn’t a horrible, horrendous, terrible, tremendous problem. Just don’t receive at Christmas mass. We don’t go to mass to receive communion; we go to mass to participate in the unbloody sacrifice of the altar.

Go to mass, confess as soon as possible, and go receive next Sunday. No big deal.

Exactly. It is not horrible that you can’t receive at Mass. You don’t have to receive in order to participate fully. You only have to receive the Eucharist once a year.

Yeah, I’ve been there. I hate it when I can’t receive communion. It’ll be easier once the Christmas rush has come to a close. I’ve gotten frustrated with confession lines where I am, not even during Christmas!

If you think we have it bad not getting to go to confession, think of the poor priests that have to listen to all that! Gosh! They need our prayers!

Priests, today, are spread way too thin. It’s best not to go to communion if one’s not ready. One can still participate in the mass, do an act of spiritual communion, in the meantime, which are also very pleasing to God.


God bless you, and Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:

If you were there to confess a mortal sin, then you may not receive communion until you do get to confession and return to a state of grace. If you went just to confess your venial sins, then you may still receive communion.

OP, you may make a spiritual Communion while praying. You simply ask for the Holy Spirit to descend to your soul, and pray for Christ to make His home in you.

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Thank you all so much for responding, I followed your advice and did not take the Eucharist. i thought i had read somewhere that if you did everything possible to receive confession but couldn’t through no fault of your own then it would be permissible to commune. I’m glad i decided to double check with this Forum! thanks again:)

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