Unanswered prayers - these can't simply be "God's plan"

No no no. You did not deserve to be abused. No one deserves abuse. Abuse is sin. Sin is against God. When we see abuse we need to fight against it. I am sorry you had no one to support you in that fight against an abuser, who has sole responsibility for their actions.

I pray you will find courage to go through and past your experiences, receiving healing and Christ’s peace. You are a beautiful child of God. Trust in Jesus who loves you so much!

Sometimes it takes time to find our way out. God called Israel out of Egypt, to go to the promised land. They wandered around and around for 40 years in the dessert, before they finally decided to make the first move to enter it.

Our battle is also against misinformation, ignorance, perversion of teachings, basically the lies of the world. Freedom is the revelation of God’s truth we all are seeking in our life

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Sometimes we wonder why people make poor choices. The thing we don’t know is, what options were available to them? Maybe they were all substandard, so not much to choose from. I know what it feels like to have options before me, none of which are favorable or I like, but no other choice but to choose one. :woman_shrugging: Free will is not 100%. It is constrained by other factors.

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I understand you, I think most people have experienced this. This is even harder to understand when we are asking for relief of certain sufferings or evil things. However we must understand that we can only see a tree, while God sees the forest.

The best thing for us to do is to continue to trust in Him, and keep praying.

Consider Jesus crucifixion, I do not think there is a more grave injustice which has happened in all of human history, considering how perfectly Jesus lived. Jesus suffered unspeakable things on the Cross, not to mention the Blessed Mother Mary, who we know from doctrine never sinned, and had to witness the slaughtering of His Son. She therefore also suffered tremendously although not physically, her suffering was spiritual and psychological.

However through those sufferings came the greatest good possible: humanity redemption.

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Mother Theresa said “Love until it hurts”, because love is tested in suffering.

Job went through this. He was tested with all calamities in life. He refused to curse God. Instead, he hoped for God’s redemption. In the end, God restore his body and his family and his possessions

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