Unanswered prayers


Have you heard the song about unanswered prayers?
I was just thinking about it and it is very true. All the stupid stuff I prayed for over the years and I am very glad my loving God saw it that they were not answered.
What was answered was getting a patient loving husband and a very full live.
Years ago I thought I would die if I didn’t get those prayers; but now I am in a whole new direction and have lived with out them.

How unbelievable! The wisdom of God is Awesome!


I don’t know what song you mean, Alessandra, but I think that is a beautiful and mature faith you’ve got! :thumbsup:

It is so hard to understand when you’re in the thick of things why God doesn’t give you what you ask for. SO many times I’ve said, “WHY, LORD?!?!” As my faith has grown I’ve come to understand He knows far better than I do, and I have to trust Him, come what may. (Easier said than done sometimes, isn’t it?! :wink: ) And I can’t count the times I’ve looked back and, in retrospect, I’ve seen the Lord knew all along what was best, of course.


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