unanswered prayers

Sometimes unanswered prayers really test my faith, especially when they are asking for something that I couldn’t imagine would be better if the answer were “no.” For example, last night I lit a candle at church and asked Mary to pray for peace with my family (there’s been a lot of unnecessary arguments and anger lately). But when I got to my parent’s right after Mass, within the hour a huge argument broke out. I couldn’t help but feel like it could easily have been avoided with just a little grace, but it wasn’t. I remembered my prayer and felt pretty dejected.

Was it too much to ask for the peace to start immediately? :o

In Mother Angelica’s book “Answers, Not Promises”, she says that God answers in three ways: yes, no and wait. Sometimes, she says, it seems like He’s saying no, but He’s really saying wait… because something else has to take place before your prayer can be answered.

I know you’re wondering, “But I asked for something good! Why wait?” I don’t know. You don’t know. But God knows. Trust Him.

My prayers are with you!

God answers prayers all the time, but he won’t take away free will from any one of his children. Your family had the chance to use God’s grace to not fight with each other, but they chose to do so. I know this doesn’t sound very encouraging to you right now, but it’s the truth.

Maybe instead of praying for family peace you could pray that God could inspire you to be a peacemaker? I find that if I ask God to change me rather than someone else I usually get better results.

Lemme ask this- reckon YOU might be the instrument He’s gonna use to bring peace? If you’ve been on the sidelines watching all this, might be time to get in the game.

Ask Him to give you guidance, wisdom,and dynamics to bring peace to your family.

If you have been proactive, examine what ya need to do next.

In the words of Garth Brooks - “Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers”. Just because the answer isn’t the answer you wanted it doesn’t mean your prayer has not been answered. God has a reason for everything. And every person on this planet has free will for a good reason too. :wink:

Very simple and profound answer! Thanks for posting it, we all need that reminder once in awhile :slight_smile:

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