Unanswered prayers...

Is it normal that there are unanswered prayers? I have prayed to God for love and to rid myself of bipolar. However, I have a feeling that my prayers have not been answered. I am still single and suffering with bipolar. I just dont know what to do now sice it seems God is just so far away from me.

First of all rest assured - no sincere prayer is wasted or ignored. Or unanswered. It is a fact, however, that God’s plans for us are not always our plans for ourselves. So the answer may not always be exactly when or how we envision it or want it.

Perhaps his plan for you is that rather than being cured of your bipolar you instead learn how to manage it, grow as a person through your struggles with it, go on to do great things with your life, and become an inspiration and role model for other sufferers :thumbsup:

And as for love - the answer may simply be ‘not yet’ :wink:

Some prayers are not answered right away, or are answered in stages. You will be in my prayers too. It takes a lot of self knowledge to realize that you are bipolar. Maybe you can take medication to help your condition. I hope you have consulted a specialist.

It took me years to recognize that my prayers were answered, but I just didn’t realize it. Many times, the answer was not now or no…but they were answered.

The greatest answer I have received to date…is when I was 13 I wanted a girlfriend in the worst way. My hormones were working overtime, so I did a novena…on the last day of the novena, I was serving at the altar for a wedding. 25 years later at my wife’s cousin wedding anniversary party, the pictures of the wedding were being circulated…and I knew that her cousin was married at my home parish, so I really studied the pictures…and to my amazement, I was the altar server at her wedding…and standing next to me was a junior bridesmaid, my wife! Took 25 years for me to discover that God put me right next to my wife…who I didn’t officially meet and date for another 7 years… But God does answer all prayers! Keep the faith…and never stop praying!

There are a variety of ways in which prayers may be answered:
*]Yes is an answer.
*]No is an answer.
*]Not yet is an answer.
*]“My grace is sufficent for you” is an answer.[/LIST]There is also the possibility that the very fact that we live in a time when there is medical help for those suffering from illnesses, including bipolar, is in & of itself an answer.
May God bless you, regardless of how the answer to your prayers may come to you!

:thumbsup: Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing this!!

I’ve understood it as there are always one of three answers to a prayer.

  1. Yes.
  2. yes, but not yet.
  3. I’ve got something better in mind.


WOW! What a beautiful story! Thank you!

I agree totally with LilyM… all prayers are answered.

Sometimes it is hard to remember a line in “Our Father”… “Thy will be done”, but ultimately that is the way it is… Jesus even said this at the beginning of his Passion, in the garden.

I pray to God asking him to let his will be done in my life. He knows better than me… “Jesus, I trust in You”, is another wonderful prayer to keep in mind.

I cannot trust myself. I’ve screwed up everything I’ve tried to control. Let go and let God… and remember that when we say “Thy will be done” we can believe/trust that God desires the best for us . God Bless you! Keep praying!!!

Im in exaclty the same boat, it makes me feel good to know im not the only one, but it makes me feel bad because i really feel sorry for you.

Knowing IP from another forum and chatroom :wave: , he should really take that to heart, knowning his problem with relationships. He mentioned the homily at his church was about people aren’t always perfect and have imperfections.

Also knowing IPs problems, I happened to pray for him right after Holy Communion before he went to mass. I guess something worked there. :slight_smile:

This just inspired me. Did someone famous say this? Like a saint or something?

I agree with those who say that God answers prayer in whichever way is His wish.

Remember also in the bible how God sent Isaiah to King Hezekiah to tell him to prepare his will for he had only 15 more days to live. Remember that Hezekiah prayed to God to change His mind and give the king 15 years. Isaiah was sent back to tell the king that God granted him his wish. In that 15 years the king had another son and that son was the undoing of all God wished for the king, the people worshiped Bahl. . I believe that God knew that should the king live longer that God knew the out come. Sometimes God hears all right like for me.

When I was 18yrs old I liked this girl and she never wanted me, so I asked God if when I married I have a girl with the same name certain coloring, birthday close to mine 5 children three boys two girls one son named after me.
I forgot all about it and when I did marry you got it, the girls name was Eileen nice coloring, birthday 6 days away from mine, 5 children, three boys two girls, the last boy named after me (through my wife) and when we signed the last child’s name it was like the cover was taken away from me and I realized God had granted my wish. God went further than that. He appeared to my wife and told her that we would have a boy and that could we name him after one of Jesus friends called Milanian which we did.
God bless.

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