Unbelievable,pro-abort mark shriver on the world over on ewtn

he was promoting his book about his parents, raymond arroyo did not bring up his pro-abort beliefs.:shrug:

His parents were well known for their commitment to, and advocacy for, pro-life causes. Perhaps Shriver was on the show because of his parents views and not because of his?
Perhaps the host wants the audience to read the book and be inspired by the lives of Sargent Shriiver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver?

If so, grilling Mark Shriver wouldn’t help.

I saw a brief bio on Sargent Shriver a couple of months ago. It was very moving. He was a very devout Catholic, frequent Mass-attender (I believe a daily Communicant before his dementia surfaced), and quite a role-model/inspiration in that regard, for his kids. He really had a life of prayer that made an impression on the children & to which they credit much of the stabiity of their family life.

I did not see the EWTN segment being referred to. However, I doubt it was any celebration of any departure from Church views of any of Sargent Shriver’s children. Raymond often invites complex people onto his show, to highlight an aspect of that person’s life, writings, art, etc., to which the audience can relate and possibly hasn’t considered the spiritual dimension of. Actors aren’t perfect, either, but he’s had several of those on the show, too.

I saw this whole interview today actually…I thought it was BEAUTIFUL…idk why you would want to being up the negatives… it touched me very deeply…he was speaking of his father and how he was. As the book is titled A GOOD MAN…it was completely about how a good father can lead to so many good things and how it guided him…I really connected with it and felt great after hearing it…I don’t think he mentioned himself once in the interview…it was about his parents and their love for each other and for God…

I know how important abortion issues are…but I’m someone who is learning about his faith, and hearing that the peace corps AND the special Olympics were started by a Catholic Powerhouse couple who went to mass daily …well it just made me feel so good to be a Catholic…this whole time they were delivering this message were you just there thinking “bring up the abortion stuff…come on bring it up…where’s the pro abortion stuff?” it just rubs me the wrong way…

Goodnight .

I really do not care for that EWTN show or the host of that show. To him the Catholic Church is a political party. And it is not. He has way too many political congress folks that I do not care for, muchless listen to.

Why should he? The interview wasn’t about the son, but about his truly wonderful, pro-life, thoroughly Catholic parents (the best of the Kennedy bunch, for sure).

Perhaps you should instead be grateful that Mark Shriver was so moved by his parents’ witness that he wrote this book, and pray that their example ultimately changes his heart.

Good post, dixie.

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