Unbelievers roll away the stone !!!

Shocking news to everyone!!! Jesus Christ, the Son of The Living God has PROOVED His divinity! Oh Yes its ture. Death has been conquered, heresies have been cought in their lies, and life LIVES on. Jesus Christ, the warrior of LOVE, the innocent one who knew no sin became sin for OUR sake and has been sentenced to death!!! they whipped Him, scrouged him, they spat on Him, they insulted Him, they mocked Him, and finally they nailed His precious feet and hands to the Cross. they hung Him as a common criminal and continued with their evil ways. The Pharisees were very pleased because they were filled with pride, the crowd were filled with hate because this Man claimed to be the Son of God! A lot of his followers abandoned Him because they were filled with fear. It only got worse…Gods children mocked Jesus as they shouted “If you are the Son of the living God take yourself down from the cross!!!” Oh boy, they are still shouting the same cry to this day! There were also a lot of people that followd the prince of lies who werent even there while Jesus was crucified, yet they go around and start making conspiracy theories like "Jesus didnt die" “He never saw the cross” and so on.

After 3 hours of anquish…it was finished! Jesus has died:(

They have been saying all our plans are empty…

They have been saying “Where is our God now?”

They have been saying no one hears the singing

They have been saying power rules the world

They have been saying no one will even remember:eek:

Well…ROLL AWAY THE STONE MY FRIENDS, see the glory of GOD!!! Just go take a look at the tomb, HE is not there!!!

The Son of David, The Lion of the tribe of Juda Has conquered!!! Alleluia!! … Alleluia!! … Alleluia!!

death has been defeated, Hitler has been defeated, the proud scribes have been defeated, the evil masons in the Catholic Church have been defeated, Mohammed has been defeated, Joseph Smit has been defeated, Jim Jones has been defeated, Stalin has been defeated, the pagans have been defeated, the heresies have been defeated (all of them)!!!

In Christ Alone who took on Flesh, fullness of God in helpless babe, the gift of love and rightousness, was scorned by the ones He came to save. All of US!

There in the ground His Body lay…LIGHT Of the World by darkness slain…but then…bursting forth in glorious day UP FROM THE GRAVE HE ROSE AGAIN:extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy: :extrahappy:

And as HE stands in victory, sins curse has lost its grip on me for we are His and He is ours, Children of Yahweh, Allah, God…we are bought with the precious blood of Christ!!

Its time guys, time is drawing to an end…accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savor. You are ALL invited to HIS supper, you all are part of His flock. He loves you very very much, more then your mind could even BEGIN to imagine. Jesus is not a corrupted pope like some popes were. Jesus is not someone who would abuse children like some priests did, Jesus isn`t someone who would be rude if you have a strange belief. He is very kind, patient and most importantly…LOVING!!! HE WANTS YOU MORE THEN YOU COULD POSSIBLY IMAGINE!!! JUST SAY YES…say “Yes!” to the heavenly Fahter and ask Him to lead you to the TRUTH, THE LIGHT, and THE WAY…!!!

once you do that, Jesus Christ…the Good Shepered will reach out HIS hand and lead you to His flock. Its not late guys…we can do this together. LET US BE ONE CATHOLIC FAMILY OF CHRIST!!!



Amen, truly Christ is risen! May this Easter bring us all, as one big Catholic family, to live simple, joyful lives dedicated to serving God and one another.

May the joyous blessings of Easter be with us throughout the year, may we never forget that Christ is risen!

So can anyone explain why the original pope was a rabbit?

Indeed He is Risen!


Here is a wonderful song for you Benjamin, and for all people of good will


Oh thank you my brother, thank you! This is exactly what I need, especially with spring on its rise. All of my friends aren´t doing anything valuable for their God. They hang out on their footsteps for hours! for what…

I see girls in cars with elder men…

I see inapropriate dressing everywhere, people wandering the streets, people making trouble, but we don`t need this. All we need is Jesus.

The Eucharist is PURE LOVE. I hope our unbelievers can one day see that as well.

NEVER…forget Jesus Christ is risen! He is with us everyday, even present in the Holy Eucharist. May the whole world unite in one Catholic Body of Christ who is True Man and True God through the Blessed Eucharist!

come man, no need to kid around.

Matthew 7:7 “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

God is waiting for you…

Indeed, Christ is risen, Hallelujah! :extrahappy:

Hey LutheranDK,

I wanted to know if you were the person that once asked me for the title of a book that talkes about the Eucharist. I`m pretty sure it is. All I know is that someone asked me and I didn´t reply back:blush:

I know where your statment comes from… :eek:

Someone’s been watching way toooooooo much SouthPark!

:blessyou: Benjamin.

Hello Sam my friend. May God bestow His Blessing upon you and your whole family!

Love and Peace:)

god bless you Benjamin8o8;5069490

Alleluia. Christ has risen.

He has risen indeed. Alleluia.

I am not a brother but a sister:)

At any rate. Learn humility and scrutinize yourself.
Dont just eat Christ… live Christ.

Peace to you.

wow … profound stuff I’ve never heard before. I think I need an invisible friend now :smiley:

Oh Im sorry:( I really dont know … please forgive me.:o

You`re right humility is one the biggest virtue there is. Saint Theresa is my role model, maybe one day I can get a book of her and learn from her. Anyway I hope shes in heaven praying for me right now:)

Hey Brother I think I now where youre trying to go with this. But with all due of respect, do you really believe that getting an invisible friend will result experiencing such a joy that we get from our Lord Jesus Christ? Do you really believe we can lie to ourselves by saying a God that we cant even see makes us so happy? You`re wrong my friend. The only reason God is hidden is because our sins are the ones blocking our sight from witnessing His Majesty.

I will tell you that when a person repents and humbles himself before God , he will recieve just a blessing that this Joy will surpass all desire. Once you really get into a spiritual life you will finally realize why we can`t see God with our earthly eyes. Sometimes just the though of witnessing an apparation from Mama Mary or the Lord Jesus Christ brings tears in my eyes. It happened before and I stop thinking about it instantly because of the joy that flows throughout my body. God is so mercifuly, and only when you really get to understand what His Mercy really is, only then will everyones cold heart melt by the fire of Love that God produces.

Also here is a message that Mary wants to send out to you and all of Her Children.

“If you knew how much I love you, you would cry for joy”

you really believe this stuff? alrighty then … :confused:

Hey man… come into the reality… we are post-darwin already.

By the way… Why don’t you just ask your invisible friend if he is real. Say the sceptic’s prayer, but… maybe you don’t dare.
Say: “God, if you are really there then prove yourself to me”. I have told people to do this before. some were proud and did not do it, but I have never heard about someone who asked and who did not get an answer… the ones who asked are now believers.

Ps. I know quite a few people that have SEEN Christ. Yes, seen Him. If you pray and become a truly humble man some day He might show Himself to you too.
However, that He is most of the time hidden to most of us only makes those who believe and live for him faithfully, bigger heroes. The best things in life are unseen… like Love, music, spontaneous poetry, the cool night breeze, our dreams…

Hey man… don’t be sad… I was just questioning the way you spoke about your friends… You did call them friends yet you believe they do nothing for God. That cannot be… even the unbelievers in some ways serve God… when they love, when they do good, when they create art, when they procreate… :slight_smile: And you cannot read hearts.

Oh yes. Mother Teresa is AWESOME. I just saw a program the other day. She was talking and talking and it was like… oil of joy coming out of her mouth… o she served with a selfless love and oversupenatural strength that only a true Christian can have… Among other things she said: The devil tempts us, not so much to do us harm as to destroy God in us, because he hates God. I hope our unbeliever friend on this thread will ponder this…


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