Unborn Child Stolen


From the Catholic League:

Unborn Child Stolen

July 29, 2009

On July 27, Darlene Haynes was found mutilated to death in Worcester, Massachusetts. Her child is reported missing: the murderer cut her uterus open and stole the 23-year-old’s baby of eight months.

Now the woman’s aunt, Sandra Grandmaison, is demanding “we want our baby back,” explaining, “We want our grandchild back, and we want to know why.”

We’d be curious to know what the pro-abortion community would say to Ms. Grandmaison. We’d also like to know if her grandchild would be covered by the universal health-care bills currently being considered.

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Oh my gosh… thats terrible…:nope: oh how sad…

this happens far too often and makes me wonder what this world is coming to when babies are cut out of their mother’s wombs. that has to be one of the most heartless and murderous acts i can think of.

if i were a pregnant woman in today’s world, i would really feel the need to be cautious about who you are friends with and who you let in the house.

when i was pregnant 30 years ago, something like this never entered my mind.

THEY FOUND THE BABY!! Yeah…I was watching the news this morning…a girl came home with a baby … her friends thought it was weird that she came home so early from the hospital…called authorities…its the missing baby…

I went to bed with a heavy heart last night and prayed for all the babies…and woke up…and once again…God renews my faith in Him…

btw the baby, even though it was pulled out of the womb a month early, is happy and healthy :smiley:

Thank God for the life and health of this child. What a tragic situation. I pray that the deceased mother is with God and watching over her little baby.

before i went to bed last night, i thought i heard that they found the baby and it was okay, but i was tired and wasn’t sure if i had heard correctly and definitely did not want to post incorrect information about this very sad case.
thank goodness the baby is healthy and fine. i haven’t seen any information about the woman accused of the crime.
i did hear that the pregnant mother had the mind of a 13 year old and already had other children. it is sad that she was left so vulnerable and no one looked out for her. i wonder how many days she was in the closet before they found her.
i pray this type of crime never happens again and i pray for the deceased mother and for the future well being of the baby.

I’m assuming that she wasnt in there for long, and even that she might have been alive at the time they found her…apparently the family is thinking of, or going to, sue the authorities- or paramedics- who arrived on scene, because they weren’t able to ‘save’ her…whatever that means…

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