Unborn children feel pain more intensely than adults



How do abortion “doctors” live with themselves?? :frowning:

By telling themselves it’s the mothers choice, they are doing nothing wrong, and it is just a ball of cells. Planned Parenthood is being exposed though, and I have faith that eventually they will fall and there will be no more PP. On my facebook, I was actually delighted to see there were less and less supporters.

I certainly hope and pray there will be someday no more Planned Killerhood. Knowing there are less and less supporters certainly is encouraging. I wish and hope they lose Federal Funding.


More and more givoner’s are cutting off state funding. I don’t hold out any hole of this happening here in Colo.,at least not while we have Hickenlooper as our governor.PP needs to be not only defunded but barred from performing abortions.Period!

Both of the above websites appear to be agenda driven websites, therefore, whatever they publlish needs to be questioned.

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