'uncatholic' Catholics?


ok… I wasn’t quite sure what to call this thread but in the past two days I’ve spoken to two friends… both raised Catholic…and both completely clueless about their faith.

To be honest their views are more in line with the protestant church… and what struck me was: why on earth are they Catholic if they do not follow Catholic teaching or even understand basic principles? Does the church not educate them?

I had to explain to one friend why he would possibly need to go to confession before taking communion because he’d not been to mass for three years and had done lots of bad things (never put it like that lol) and despite me being protestant… I was confused as to how he never knew the reasons for this.

He does not believe in confessin and believes it does not matter if he sleeps around or worships at different churches and takes communion there… and yet he still identifies himself as a Catholic.

Friend two is from Spain… she also does not believe in confession, believing that she can confess to anyone or just in prayer… she does not believe that she has to attend mass every week (and neither does a Catholic partner of another aquaintance)…all three believe that the basic principle matters but hated all the ‘pedantic’ rules and laws.

anyway, before I get confused again… bascally: what makes someone Catholic? upbringing/beliefs?

As much as I would never like to tell someone they should change denomination I do feel as though both of them are so much more in line with other churches. I was just shocked that myself (who is seriously not up even on my own faith most of the time lol) could explain historical reasons and the reasons for the sacraments and other ideas to people who I thought, with being brought up Catholic, would be able to teach me things!


These poor souls are indeed Catholics–uneducated, ill-formed in conscience, presumptuous, bound in sin, etc., but Catholics none the less.

The Catholic Church expects its people to follow its teachings, bu it also recognizes that many are clueless, sinful, unfaithful, etc. The Church is there to help them, but many of these people, as you cited, either do not want such help or they do not know they need any help.

People within the Catholic Church might be great saints and they might be great sinners–there’s plenty of room for both. Of course, the Church expects the sinners to repent, great and small, and since all of us are sinners, that means everyone, not just those who accept the Church’s teachings and live by them.

It seems to me that your friends have thrown out their Catholic faith in favor of the “spirit of the age.” That is truly tragic for they are putting their souls in grave danger. They cannot be turned around, though, unless they themselves want to be, and see the need to be. And in a world that is telling them they are fine as they are and there is no sin, both Protestants and Catholics alike are falling away from following Christ and his commands.

Pray for them and recommend they check out what their faith truly teaches before abandoning themselves even further to the blandishments of the world. You will be doing them a great favor as well as an act of spiritual mercy. God has graced you with concern for their souls, which is one of the things that can help bring them back to their faith. I will pray too. :thumbsup:


well i’ve directed one of my friends to come here and look up sections on confession etc… I felt a bit embarrassed at the thought of explaining everything to him… I didn’t want to appear to be judging him… but I asked him to maybe consider going to a protestant church for a few weeks… as otherwise he said he would not go to church at all… I just wouldn’t want him to appear at mass and take communion after having several SSA partnerships, skipping church for years and other things only for him to go against the teaching he is supposed to be in agreement with. He seemed reluctant to discuss SSA within confession adding that it was personal but I thought tat that was the whole point of it?

I suppose I was confused because I don’t understand… I mean: How far can they protest against Catholic teaching before they cannot be termed Catholics at all.

I suppose thought that because Catholic theology and ideas etc can be quite complicated… that all Catholics must be kind of up on at least some of it…

I’m almost glad now that I found out answers myself rather than asking a Catholic person… as they would have confused me more… as you can probably tell from my rambling post (sorry in advance to readers :))

Take care, S


i heard Father Malachi Martin once say, if you begin to deny church teaching you start to lose your faith. you slide down a slippery slope. once you’ve lost your faith, you won’t know you’ve lost it and it is hard to get back. you’ll then look at those that have held to their faith and you’ll think they are just fools.


It’s interesting. Once a Catholic, always a Catholic, through thick and thin. Whether a believer or not, most people who are baptized Catholic will always identify themselves as Catholic, no matter if they’ve been inside a Catholic Church in the last decade or not.

That being said, Catholicism is never imposed on anyone, even Catholics. An individual Catholic is responsible for practicing their faith: going to Confession and Mass regularly, schooling themselves in the doctrines and disciplines of their faith. We’re not as lucky as Saint Paul - to have the faith revealed all at once! We’ve got to get off our duffs and learn. It’s our responsibility.

Problem is, most people want insta-results and gratification without any effort, and our faith is a life-long journey that gives subtle results and eternal rewards. We’re too busy being entertained by everything else around us, so when the faith doesn’t entertain in the same way, people are bored and look elsewhere. Practicing the faith requires daily committment.

Not all of us cradle-Catholics are hopeless (myself, I pray!!). We’ve seen the rewards that committment to practicing the faith brings, and the hope that is promised into eternity!


that’s strange as well lol.

My friend (an etheist) once asked me to stop criticising Catholic teaching… (before I decided to learn about it for myself)

He said: “you do realise I’m Catholic?”

I said:“you don’t even believe in God!”

he said:“Yeah but my Grandma does, she was brougt up Catholic”

I reminded him that he’s not a member of some strange ethnic group by vague association lol. Catholicism is a tradition, or line of ideas… he’s not even Christian never mind Catholic. I’ve never understood why it is that he said that…he’s very atheist and yet still reacted.

Take care, S


that reminds me of a similar situation. myself and a friend were meeting a third party. we were all telling each other alittle about ourselves. my friend described himself as an Irish Catholic, but then later said, “i’m pretty much a full blown atheist” i was thinking…huh? :confused:


hmmm, I thought I just had a strange group of friends lol… there must be a reason for this identification. I wonder if anybody has any theories?? lol

Take care, S :slight_smile:


Abira, isn’t it frustrating to learn about Catholic and so far you have dealt with two who are not serious about their faith. I am glad that you have come here where there are more devout Catholics who help you understand more.

PS: yesterday, I was asking you if you had any book on converts. :slight_smile:


I have a feeling someday you will teach your friends all about Catholic. :wink:


don’t say that water!!! that thought scares me so much! lol. can you even imagine how much I’d have to change my life if that ever happened! It’s so daunting lol

you just seriously made my heart skip a scary beat then lol lol

Take care,

S x


But it would be a change for the good. :thumbsup:
there’s nothing like being Catholic! :dancing:


lol lol ok stop ganging up on me lol…

this may or may not be a thread in future years… but right now the idea freaks me out :smiley: lol. Strange why on earth you’d say that though… unless of course you’ve only read this thread with me in it! lol.

Take care :slight_smile: S


I see that a lot…people think Catholic is an ethnic group…like saying one is a Jew.

People can be just so insanely strange sometime…


You would call these people Cafeteria Catholics. Perhaps well intentioned, but sorely misguided about their faith. Suggest to them to take up RCIA at their parish.


yeah I remember that lol.
no I haven’t but the book on Mary that I’m reading is nice as it’s written by an Anglican who converted to Catholicism and a Catholic who converted out,… so they’re nice and balanced and he understands how I feel about certain topics as well

S :slight_smile:


do you think they’d be offended or patronised??

like if i was asked to go back to sunday school? lol
I think people have to do things at ther own pace sometimes. There must be a reason he stopped gong to church that he has to work through.



It is especially sad to me that these Catholics bash the Church, water down the liturgy, and don’t live moral lives- yet their Masses and confessions are valid- yet there are Anglicans (high Church Anglicans- not your average Episcopalian) who call their service Mass, who revere their priests, who love the Eucharist (even though theirs is invalid- by a technicality that the laity and even most of the clergy have nothing to do with), who love the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints, who have communion rails, incense, bells, sacred music that is not heretical or cheap-sounding, genuflections, kneeling, and all the things we typically associate with reverence and orthodoxy- yet they are not Catholic and Anglicans do not have valid orders…the Catholics I referred to do have valid orders though- it is very unfortunate. It certainly isn’t very “ecumenical” to throw out everything they and many other Christians find inspiring.


Can’t count how many converts to catholocism I’ve heard make this same statement. I think Abria is on the way to conversion!!!Praise God.


lol lol erm, I’m not sure how to respond this shameful bullying lol lol :slight_smile: just kidding… I think maybe a … so annnnyway back to the OP lol

Take care, S

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