Unchanging Nature


Is there anything in scripture that may point to anything other than God possessing an unchanging nature? Or is this an attribute that only God can posses?

For example, do angels posses this? Will we posses an unchanging nature in the afterlife?


Scripture doesn’t use the term “nature” in this sense, as it is an Aquinian term.

But that aside, natures are pre se unchanging. Human nature is to be a mind in a living human body. Death forces a failure of that nature, in fact, a failure of our being, but does not change our nature as human beings. Resurrectional life and the pneumatikon soma will restore and perfect our human nature.



Forgive me if I am missing it in your post, and by, “unchanging nature,” I really just mean the attribute of immutability.

The Father and Son are both unchanging where as we are subject to change. We are made from corporeal matter where as God and his angels are not. So, do you think it would be proper to say angels also posses this attribute of immutability? Or is this an attribute that only God can be said to posses?


St Thomas Aquinas answers your question concisely. Please read this link Article 2


Thank you, much appreciated!


You’re welcome - God bless you.


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