Uncharitible thoughts


I was thinking some uncharitible thoughts about a priest (nothing too bad - more of a personality clash). Is this a mortal sin because these uncharitible thoughts are about a priest.

It depends. I have had unpleasant thoughts about many priests. One cut me from a sports team and 8 people that were worse than I was made the team because of their last names, many priests in my formation have challenged my theology or I have questioned them. And yes, some had personalities that were down right nasty. But then again, some priests, sad to say, have hurt and damaged many. For these I have outright hatred and anger. Mortal sin? I’ll take my chances with God…

No. The fact that he is a priest has no bearing on the question of whether the sin was mortal. As you examine this event, you can think of it in the same way you might think of uncharitable thoughts toward anyone.

Also bear in mind that people in authority (priest, parent, teacher, law enforcement) and people with special training (doctor, engineer, airline pilot, …) should be trusted in their areas of expertise unless there is specific reason to doubt them. Often they really do know what is best. If you do not understand why the priest said or did something, perhaps you could ask him privately to help you understand his reasons, or supposing he actually is in the wrong, you could gently (and humbly) point out the error of his ways.

Thanks for that. There’s no serious issue there.

Is it a mortal sin to wonder if priests struggle with sexual sins and same sex attraction. On this case I have not judged that they are actually committing these sins.

Also if I did judge someone in this way would it matter that they were a priest.

This is a genuine question. Did I commit a sin by posting that last post?

To wonder - no sin.
To judge, yes there is sin, but be clear what judgement is. Have you judged their souls (sin) or their actions (not sin)?
Yes, I believe that if the subject of your judgement is an ordained or consecrated person it affects the severity of the sin.
No, it is not a sin to post your question here.


MaryEllen above has got it right, IMO. The fact that you’re questioning it and wondering is a good thing. Much better than to go on without questioning your thoughts, which if not tamed or discerned, can lead to sin.

I’ve almost always found that when I dislike a person due to “personality conflicts”, it’s usually something in my own personality that I am resentful towards. You may want to examine this and see if there’s something more there.

For example, at one place I worked, I absolutely detested one female coworker, because IMO she was so very vain and always looked perfect…her walking through the doors in the morning, ruined my day–but I just thought our personalities clashed because she was so FAKE. I later discerned 1) I was so jealous 2) I couldn’t afford to do the upkeep looking so great demanded 3) I didn’t have the time even if I had the money etc…

My point is, there’s a reason this person, regardless of whether he’s a priest or not, gets on your nerves. You might find more peace if you can get to the bottom of this.

Hi there. The issue is actually a very small issue - simply preferring one priests manner over another . If I thought similar thoughts about a lay person I wouldn’t have given it a second thought. In my absolute paranoia I thought that thinking anything negative about a priest was a mortal sin.

With the second post it was a more sensitive issue and about something more serious so the fact that he was a priest would be relevant.


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