Uncomfortable with Group/Spouse Praying


Hi All,

I’m a new member and would like some input into how I can get comfortable with praying with my Husband. I know it may sound silly, we’ve been married for 23 years, he is very faithfull and frequently asks me to pray with him…I just can’t. I don’t like to pray infront of anyone…although we do pray at meals and obviously during Mass…I don’t know…I’d like to get over it because I think it would mean a lot to him and could help us as we continue to grow together…



I know how you feel. It’s awkward, but it gets easier with practice. Start simple. I started by saying a “Hail Mary” or “Our Father” aloud during prayer. With spontaneous prayer, just start with short prayers of thanksgiving or asking for God to bless someone. To avoid feeling self conscious, remember that you are talking to God and not the people around you. Also, pray privately for the grace.


If your husband knows that you are uncomfortable praying with him, maybe when he asks you can agree but ask him to do the prayer the first number of times. Then as you get more comfortable you can add an intention or two and just work your way up.


Thanks I’ll try both suggestions.


I guess we all feel a bit uncomfortable praying in front of other people and with other people. But, this man you’re praying in front of is your husband, the person who loves you more than anything else on this earth. Part of the reason why prayer is recommended for married couples (and for all couples, really) is that it helps to bind them together more intimately. Part of it is related to that initial “jump” into vulnerability. You can be assured, however, that your husband is not going to hurt you or laugh at you. Instead, he’ll probably be the one to help you develop your prayer life. :slight_smile:


Maybe you could pray the Rosary together. That way, you’re saying the prayers together, but keeping your meditations to yourselves. I’m very much a private pray-er myself, and the Rosary is about the extent of what I feel comfortable with when praying with anyone else, including my family.



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