Unconscionable” tax bill


Communism comes in different types. I believe Dylan Ratigan called ours corporate communism.


Given the choice between paying lower taxes and filing on a postcard, most people would prefer lower taxes. So offering postcard filing in return for giving up deductions does not seem like a win.


And by raising taxes on the lowest, you will get rid of poverty?


Prove that taxes are being raised on those in poverty.

Also, remember we have spent trillions on the war of poverty since Johnson. It is worse now. The new slavery is economic slavery with little way of getting out. Jobs is the way out and path to self sufficiency.

You did not answer my first question. [Well, unfortunately, that will be the excuse. Now that we have given all the money to the 1%]



Still the same idea - big government control.


All of these are reasonable suggestions. Whether they would be economically helpful is debatable, but that really is the point here: these questions should be discussed on their merit, and not dismissed out of hand because a particular bishop favors a different approach. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion about the effect of this or that change to the tax law, and there is no moral distinction in either supporting or opposing any of the specific proposals that have been made. There is no sin involved in making bad economic choices so long as the intent is to make good ones. That’s the way it is with practical problems: we do what we think is right and move on. That our opinions might differ from those expressed by the USCCB is irrelevant.


Not all whose taxes are raised are currently in poverty. You have heard that in years to come more and more of the lower incomes will be paying more and more in taxes, though, right?

I don’t know. Maybe at the last minute they put a guarantee in there that no one will pay higher taxes but I doubt it.

If this thing is passed as a tax cut for all, it will be another fraud.


If we cut the fraudulent claims for Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Care, WIC, etc. then how many fraudulent people will be forced back into the work force looking for jobs instead of an illegal handout?

Is not this level of fraud an immoral outcome against the poor due in large part to centralizing our welfare programs and allowing Washington DC to be the gatekeeper who never sees those who are unworthy at the gate? Where are out bishops on the issue of subsidiarity in governance that so negatively affects the poor?



What’s there to stop them from keeping receipts or other ways of proof for these claims?

We still have audits, don’t we?


or if you want to go back to Johnson


Who is “them”? What “other ways”?


A drop in the bucket? $71 billion?

If your argument is that because the federal government wastes money on national defense expenditures then it is OK to waste money on transfer payments then the argument is illogical. The defense of the country is a federal responsibility; care for the poor is not.

On 911, 19 hijackers murdered 3,000 people or about 158 murders per murderer. That’s about $17,000 per inmate to defend us. Depending on how one values human life, that’s a good expenditure of money. Thank you, Republicans, and others who put our defense first.

How is it that “getting a job” instead of lying – living of fraudulent claims – are morally opposed?
The minimum wage argument is a red herring.


How did our defense come into play on 911?


PLUS another 600?

Or 451.

Or whatever the post-committee bill comes out to look like?


clinton and the democrats don’t you mean clinton and newt gingrich



How did our defense come into play on 911?

You know. Fighter pilots took off in unarmed fighter planes having to decide the best way to ram an airliner.

Or … our radars were pointing the wrong way.

Or … our screeners allowed short bladed knives and airline pilots were not allowed to carry pistols … after all they might self-hijack their airplanes.

Bureaucrats will get you every time.


We COULD INCREASE the corporate income tax rate.

Would that INCREASE the amount of corporate tax collected?

OR would that increase the number of American corporations encouraged to move to Ireland or other low tax countries?

[How many foreign countries are there that have LOWER corporate income tax rates than the United States?]


A pamphlet compared to ACA. :wink:


Usually the Bishops position is agreed with when the libs agree.

On moral issues, not so much. Then it is who cares what the Bishops think.


Seems like the last time we lowered corporate tax rates, other countries followed. And we wound up with increasing deductions and other incentives. Will it be different this time?

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