Unconscionable” tax bill


Maybe not. If the reduction of some services led to businesses having to pay higher wages in order to acquire good employees


You can’t reason with statists. They will do whatever it takes to get your money. They know how to spend it better than you do.


The key is to offer an alternative. State and local government, the Church and charities. We must find a way to overcome the false narrative that the central government can and should provide the needs of individuals. It effectively can’t and morally shouldn’t.


Then you would have no problem if a future Congress exempted everyone from, say, the first $100,000 in income earned? No withholding fed tax, no 1040 form to file, no Turbo Tax. I mean as long as we don’t care about the massive interest payments ($266 billion annually) that we are already on the hook for, what’s another few trillion in debt?

That’s what I’d campaign on.


Except that government had to fulfill its obligations.
Start paying off the massive debts. One way is to sell off assets it doesn’t need- land, mineral rights,etc.
so, if the standard deduction can be $100k and do things right, yes. Better, go to the Fair Tax


Well, there’s a lot of land to sell. And there’s also supposedly a lot of gold.

Wonder what that will do to the price of land. Or to gold. I have a feeling both would plummet, at least at first.


And oil. And natural gas.


I don’t think the government should be selling off land that it doesn’t legally own. It should go back to the states or the people from whom it was confiscated. The Constitution is very clear on what land the government can own.


Well, I certainly don’t want California to get it back if they try to secede


Watch out for those foreigners, though.


FWIW, the projected interest payment history and projections.



California should get back what is rightfully theirs.


Not the tax cuts. The spending.


I’d be happy with the progressive tax of the Eisenhower years.


Biggest spending items curently:

SS benefits $948 billion
Military $773 billion
Medicare $592 billion
Medicaid $385 billion
Interest on debt $266 billion (none charged to SS, btw)

As Trump promised not to cut SS, Medicare, and Medicaid, what do you cut?

Seeing the projections on the interest side to almost $600 billion by 2022 and $800 billion by 2026, does any one else not think a default on the interest is not on the horizon? Just asking…

Yet they (foreigners and others) are still buying Treasuries. Go figure.


It might increase collections or it might not. The problem is that few people are willing to do the hard work necessary to determine the true behavioral effects of tax law changes.


If you don’t cut the big programs, defense, SS and medicare, you cannot balance the budget. It proves those who claim to be worried about their grandchildren’s welfare to be totally disingenuous. They want smaller debt for their grandchildren as long as they don’t have to sacrifice their pet programs.


Liar Liar Pants on Fire…That belongs to Roy Molester.


Yeah you’re probably right. It’s more like $15 million.

I have not voted in years and don’t have any plans on changing much but I’ll probably show up next Tuesday to cast my vote for Roy. :sunglasses:


NCBC report on this and other issues

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