Unconscionable” tax bill


Representation today is not what was in 1790. Today, representation is for those who are on the board of directors of some corporate association. Take your pick:


Supposively, they represent those who give them money to support their cause.

I guess the old adage holds… “if you can’t beat em’, beat em’”


I think my post said 47%. This website says 45.3% pay not income tax.



I wonder if they know that no one bothers listening to then anymore.

I wonder if that was the point all along.


I find this whole thing hilarious.

The USCCB encouraged you to vote for Pro-Life Candidates.
They won the majority. The USCCB celebrated or least somebody celebrated.
Now the USCCB has the audacity to complain about their Pro-Life Candidates Tax Bill.

Somebody explain the Logic here.


Did you object to them involving themselves in the Abortion Issue?


I would actually have to see the new tax forms and new tables first before I can agree or disagree with you on that score.

But offhand, I would say the elimination or addition of deductions has a big impact on our lifestyles and thus the bishops have every right to comment on the social justice aspect of it.


Abortion is black and white, life and death. Tax policy is not black and white!!!


Senate Democrats who fret over the distributional effects of tax cuts should thank their GOP colleagues for giving them the chance this week to vote on repealing one of the most regressive taxes: the Obamacare tax on the uninsured.



All the taxpayers are hurt by any deficit-expanding bills. And it’s not only your children who will need to pay; the interest payments on the expanded debt are immediate.

So much for the “deficits don’t matter” philosophy of the party of Cheney.


There is absolutely no doubt that under this bill, a substantial number of people will see their taxes go up, especially after the individual tax cuts expire in 2025. That is not a “huge tax cut” as Trump calls it. That is not even a real tax cut.


You are proof-texting by ignoring the majority of beneficiaries and focusing on the few that will pay more. en-mass, the poor are benefiting. Eliminating loopholes will always cause some losers.


It is our schizoid nation.


That is the case with both parties. Cut the spending to balance the budget. The American people are not undertaxed


The bishops’ letter makes some good points. Whoever has ears ought to hear.


If it’s passed as a “Tax cut” bill it’s an obvious fraud on many Americans.

Look at it as a gift to the Democrats who have an easy issue to campaign on.


I agree. But, at the same time, if the bishops are truly in communion when they developed the position, shouldn’t we trust in the Holy Spirit?

For us, our pride often gets in the way of our position on taxes. And too, our pride often distorts reality.


Accept that your position is a “nationalistic position”. Sometimes God isn’t a “nationalist”. In fact, he judges the nations with an “iron rod”.


So how do you cut spending when you’ve just added interest payments?

Do you happen to know what the interest payments are, by the way?

$266 billion annually on $14.7 trillion worth of national debt. There are additional billions on the $5.5 trillion worth of debt created by the Fed’s QE program, varying from 2% to 5% long-term bonds.


You still did not address the Logic. They are complaining where they have not ground or right to complain.
They need to man up and accept the consequences. They need to put on their big boy pants and walk away with some dignity.


Plan adds a trillion to deficit?

Frantic Rewrite tonight?

Racing tonight?

No one in the public has seen it?

Good bye student loan deductions?

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