I feel kinda weird asking this but as someone who converted to Catholicism only a couple of years ago. Is it possible to unconvert?
I stopped attending catholic church after my first year, and would kind like to erase what happened… I know not really possible.

Outside of the baptism certificate is there anything else that would show I was a member? If I asked could I have the original baptism certificate?

Like I said it was for a very short time and I consider it a mistake.

Thank you.

I think that because you’ve been Baptized and Confirmed, you will always be considered a member of the Catholic Church by the Church.

I believe that there is a formal method for defection from the Church which requires writing a letter to the Bishop of your Diocese. Not sure of the particulars. Perhaps someone else here can provide details your you could perhaps call or write to the Chancery for details.

Of course of even more interest to us would be why you feel your conversion was a mistake?
Perhaps we could help you overcome whatever the problem is.


So far as I know, there is no method by which one may renounce one’s Baptism or Confirmation. You are a Catholic forever.

That having been said, no one can compel you to attend Mass, and I doubt any other denomination, or religion would prevent you from attending their services or converting to their Communion. Only you, and God know the content of your conscience. If you want to lapse as a Catholic, simply don’t go to Mass.

You are in my prayers.

No. You have been baptized and incorporated into the Body of Christ. You are a Catholic and will always be a Catholic.

I hope you will return to the practice of the Catholic faith and the grace of the Sacraments. How very sad that you stopped attending church.

I don’t think you understand how it works. The Church records the sacraments of baptism, confirmation, marriage, and holy orders in the sacramental register. That cannot be altered.

Any certificate you are given is purely for your own keepsake.

But, at a deeper level you don’t understand that it is not a certificate that makes you a member of the Catholic Church. It is the indelible mark on your soul given at baptism and confirmation. It is the public profession of faith you made. You have been incorporated into Christ’s body. You are his forever.

I hope you will reconsider this very serious matter of rejecting His grace and His Church. Make an appointment to talk to your priest.

Please go talk to your priest.

This is no longer the case. Pope Benedict altered canon law in 2009. The only effect “formal defection” had was a canonical effect related to the requirements of marriage. Even if one did this procedure one was still a Catholic and bound by all the Church precepts and laws.

Why a mistake, if you don’t mind my asking? I do not mean this in anyway to be an insult or offensive,but from your other theads it appears that you were never catechized properly in the faith. Why not do some studying on what the Church actually teaches and why before making this decision?

Thank you.

Sadly we don’t believe the same thing :frowning:

I have not attended Catholic Church for 4 years. The priest I knew at the time has left.

Not meaning to offend you, but there is no such thing as “unconversion” since even excommunicated Catholics are still Catholics though without the benefit of the sacraments until they get themselves reconciled.

Now…the real problem for you, since you have stated that “we don’t believe the same thing” is that the burden belongs to you to resolve these beliefs through prayerful study. If you have not been active in your faith, then you have essentially starved yourself spiritually, when you should have been feeding in order to have grown by now.

You can read about my own journey of faith at My Testimony and I would suggest that you peruse some of the other articles on my blog (Apocalypsis), which may well answer whatever doubts or problems you are having, or else at least point you in the right direction.

The departure of the priest you mention is neither an excuse nor a good reason to have abandoned your Catholic faith as the fullness of objective truth resides in the Church, and not in any single individual.

Rest assured of my continued prayers for you.
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum,

I’m confused??

Let’s see if I understand you correctly.

You haven’t been to Mass in 4 years, but you converted 2 years ago (couple) and stopped going to Mass 1 year after that?

How did you convert 2 years ago if you stopped going 4 years ago?


Not trying to sound rude, just baffled…

Some additional information might be helpful, but it seems to me that if you consider it a mistake to have been a Catholic, leaving it behind is as simple as leaving it behind. Yes, the Church will always claim you as one of their own, but if you no longer accept their authority in your life, then that seems of trivial consequence.

Is there a practical reason you think you need to be formerly “unconverted,” or is it a piece-of-mind thing?

On what issues? Start with the Creed; is It that fundamental?

Your right. I should have said several not a couple. I forget that a couple literally means two.

Mostly for peace.
Even though I was new to Christianity. I guess I should have understood that Catholicism and “biblical christianity” were different. I was too new to understand that differences in theology.

I agree with the Apostles and Nicene creed, but not from a Catholic pov.

If anyone can understand this. I don’t want to be a lapse Catholic, I don’t want to be Catholic (truth is I never did).

Unless my beliefs (or the RCC) changes sadly we will continue to believe differently.

This is not the reason. The problem is that I never had a Catholic faith to abandoned. What I believe hasn’t changed. What I thought Catholics believed has.
This post is not intend as an insult to what Catholics believe.

may i ask how old you were when you converted? what are the teachings that you now feel you do not agree with and did you not know about those teachings before you converted? we need to grow with our faith. do you still want to continue to be a Christian?
maybe you should go speak to the RCIA director where you were baptized and confirmed and ask her or his advice or speak to the priest.

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