Uncovering Theosis

What do you find most fascinating about the concept of Theosis? For me, it’s the idea that we basically ‘become’ God… We basically become so enlightened by his spirit, that we become inseparable from God… Deification…

…Does that seem orthodox?

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I think of it as a clear reflection. We retain our individuality but no longer have all the tarnish and dust.

Saint Cyril of Alexandria wrote that the faithful take part in divinity, becoming the likeness of Christ and the image of the Father by “participation.”

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The Church teaches about this of course:

398 In that sin [Adam & Eve’s Original Sin] man preferred himself to God and by that very act scorned him. He chose himself over and against God, against the requirements of his creaturely status and therefore against his own good. Constituted in a state of holiness, man was destined to be fully “divinized” by God in glory. Seduced by the devil, he wanted to “be like God”, but “without God, before God, and not in accordance with God”.279

The Word became flesh to make us " partakers of the divine nature ":78 "For this is why the Word became man, and the Son of God became the Son of man: so that man, by entering into communion with the Word and thus receiving divine sonship, might become a son of God."79 "For the Son of God became man so that we might become God."80 [St Athanasius] "The only-begotten Son of God, wanting to make us sharers in his divinity, assumed our nature, so that he, made man, might make men gods."81

We don’t become God, but like God, due to His purpose and work in us. This begins to occur as we enter communion with Him and remain in it. Adam basically dismissed and rejected union with God; while trying to achieve even greater heights yet on his own he fell much lower than where he began from. And there’s a learning curve now in man discovering how wrong Adam was, and just how much we need God. "Apart from Me you can do nothing" John 15:5

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