Under Armour drops deal with hunter who filmed husband using a 7-foot spear to brutally kill a bear




Well, it’s a private contract.


Indeed, they have the right to do business as and with whom they see fit; but this romanticization of wild animals is getting tiresome.



Bears are very unpredictable.

The guy was lucky he wasn’t killed by the bear.

I was driving and a bear ran across the highway and up the hill … at no time did the bear run slower than 40 miles per hour.

In one case a photographer took a photo of a bear some distance away and then closer. At that point, according to the coroner, the bear ate the photographer. The photographer was probably eaten alive. Belly first. The photos were only about two seconds apart.

The guy in the film was very lucky.


Why film it though…what kind of sick person would want to watch such violence over and over again? Sounds like having less money would be a good thing for this sadistic person imo.


Who died and made you a judge of people? :shrug:


What do you watch on television?

Survival is kind of interesting.

Bears are predators.

Has nothing to do with sick people or sadism.

There was a real situation, in which a hunter was found frozen to death … he had all of the “tools” necessary, but was unable to build a shelter nor start a fire.

And then there are more and more incursions of bears and other wild animals exploring suburbia.

In my opinion all the filming started because too many hikers were dying of hypothermia and other exposure related causes.

So, a bunch of “survivor” programs started up.

With a large number of different themes.

In one, there is ONE guy with no camera crew.

In another, there is a husband and wife.

In several episodes, the on-screen people nearly died for real … from exposure, when the fire went out.

In another the on-screen person, alone, found he was being stalked by a big cat.

One fellow found bear tracks right next to his sleeping platform when he woke up in the morning.

So, after building a shelter and making fire, then you need water.

And then food.

**And you also learn that man is not the apex predator.

Bears are probably #1.
If you go into “bear country”, then you are nothing more than a pork chop waiting to be eaten.

There have been emergency situations in which there was some kind of water crisis … a water main break, for example. And people had absolutely no way of getting water. They cleaned out the supermarkets of bottled water in an hour.

What do you do if you live in the inner city and a water main breaks or a gas main breaks?

Nobody, in one case in Boston, had a shelf with emergency supplies.

Folks need to know how to fend for themselves.

Preparation only costs about $20 at the dollar store.

And you go from there.

And now we have a new pest: the feral hog.


When Native Americans killed bears a hundred years before the first Europeans arrived, was it still brutal? Were the bears still innocent?


Depends on the context of the Natives killing the bear. I assume that many of those killings were for necessary hunting. This, on the other hand, looked like it was nothing more than blood sport. Killing purely for the spectacle is always brutal.


No, poor people can be just as sadistic as the less financially challenged; they just direct the impulse onto other human beings rather than to wildlife.

Sadly, in the current society, a wild beast is valued more than a human being.



Exactly! Sadistic is ripping a baby apart limb by limb from his/her mother’s womb.


I agree with your assessment. Kind of reminds of the heartless idiot who had lured a squirrel with food and had kicked it off the Grand Canyon.


But that sort of thing is ubiquitous in nature. Cats torment the mice they kill. Dogs play with the birds they eat.

But only human beings can feel bad about such things.



I expect more decency from a human being than from Kitty.


I’m impressed. The spear seemed so slow, but it did the job well.


I don’t understand? Hunting bears with a bear spear is a traditional way of hunting bears. I believe they did so in the middle ages. Canceling a contract because you use an antiquated way of hunting makes no sense. That would be like people from the future canceling a contract because someone shot a bear with a rifle instead of shooting it with a laser gun. :shrug:


Or because they kill animals at all, instead of being nature-worshipping vegans who consider predatory beasts our brothers…



IF people love violence so much today, maybe they should bring back the old man against beast or man against man killing sports, like they had when the Romans were in power.

I really think fights to the death would become more popular than any other current sport.


For whatever it’s worth, I think the guy is a fool. EVen black bears are formidable creatures and it could have attacked this guy and torn him to pieces, spear wound or no spear wound, if it had a mind to do it.


You bet they are! These B.C. filmmakers found out just how unpredictable they can be in this video. If that would’ve been me, I’d have pis…well you get the idea. If you have good speakers, turn the sound up so you can hear the guttural grunts coming from this PO’d mama bear!

Peace, Mark

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