Under mortal sin - prayers helpful?


I will become a part of the Catholic Church this coming Easter. :bounce:

Although I really dread my first confession because I have some awful stuff to confess I can also hardly wait because I just need this burden lifted from my soul. I think I am under mortal sin now (although I’m pretty sure that if sth were to happen to me now God would be merciful because I can’t go to confession yet and He knows how much I want to). If I am under mortal sin, do my prayers for other people like my family, forum friends, people who don’t believe, priests etc. have any impact?


I would make an appointment to speak with your parish priest… Tell him your situation and ask if he will hear your confession…

Each priest seems to have a different guideline as to when he will hear your first confession… Some will make you wait until weeks before your confirmation, others will allow you to confess as soon as you make your intentions known regarding joining the Catholic Church.


It depends on if you are already baptized (your profile doesn’t say) . If you are not, the priest should not hear your confession at all (until after baptism at Easter vigil). If you are, talk to him and ask if he’ll hear a confession now.

Your prayers always have an impact. Always.


Yes, prayers are very powerful. God loves all of us. Your prayers are heard and have an impact.



yes, talk to the priest about the confession thing; of course your prayers count; and remember, Peter denied Christ 3 times after living with Him 3 years and Paul oversaw the murder of many. You are in good company if you have “mortally sinned.” :thumbsup:


Xandria, welcome Home! To previous post: You’re in good company if you have “mortally sinned”, I would just add - and have repented! I’m sure that’s what bailey2 intended. Repentence for sin is what makes sinners saints! God bless.


I know how you feel, I was really waiting for my first Confession too :hug1: and I also had some terrible stuff to confess but the priest has heard it all, don’t worry!!! btw, since you are a catechumen…God understands. He doesn’t punish us for things we can’t control. As long as you are repentant and are intending to go to Confession when you’re able. that’s good. And yes, I think prayers still have an impact, prayer is always good. Of course it’s easier to pray when we’re in a state of grace. But God heard and knows everything. God bless you on your journey :slight_smile:


My dear friend

A big welcome in advance. If your in sin you can be forgiven by an act of perfect contrition. You must go to confession when your a catholic though. God won’t let you die before you enter the church either. And your prayers and good works are priceless too.

God bless you and pray for me please:thumbsup::slight_smile:



Thanks a lot for your answers. How do I make an act of perfect contrition?

It’s only four months before I will enter the Church. It’s very hard but then again, four months do tend to fly by. :slight_smile:


Dear Xandria

Just have the intentions to the best of your ability as below and don’t fret you were not sorry enough. It’s scruples if you do your honest best and keep worrying you didn’t. Call to mind any sins and make your act of contrition with the below rules as your guide.


Go to this link for it catholicculture.org/culture/library/dictionary/index.cfm?id=35519

And welcome to the church, the biggest family on earth- Gods family. I’ll pray for you.

God bless you dear friend and pray for me too please:thumbsup::slight_smile:


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