Under what circumstances can a rosary be sold?

I’m not the original owner, so I don’t know for sure if it’s been blessed or not.

My grandmother, a non-Catholic, acquired a solid gold rosary. I don’t know the exact circumstances of how or why she had it, but I suspect it was part of some kind of estate sale type of thing.

After she passed away, my mother gave it to me as the only practicing Catholic in the family. I never had it blessed, and rarely used it to pray - it somehow just never felt right and I have several other rosaries that have meaning for me. So this one has been in its case in a drawer for almost 30 years.

Since my Grandmother wasn’t Catholic and in no way intended it to be the gift of a sacramental object to me, I’ve considered selling it for it’s gold value. Is it alright to do this? I read the link to the Sisters of Carmel: Information on Sacramentals and from that it seems that any blessing it may have had was removed when it was previously sold (but, I have no way of being 100% sure it was specifically purchased).

I’m not desperate for money and don’t need to do this, but just thought I’d ask. Thanks in advance for advice.

Every day of the year, rosaries are being sold.

What you can’t sell or at least shouldn’t sell, is the the blessing. Or sell something for more because of a blessing. Since you don’t know anything about any blessing this rosary might have, that isn’t a consideration.

There is no problem selling a rosary, especially one that means nothing to you.

Emme, Personally I would hate to see a rosary sold for it’s gold value because it will be melted down and no longer be a special rosary any longer. And I think of Mary as pure as gold…:slight_smile:

If there is any way you can give it as a gift to someone who would really appreciate it than maybe that will be a blessing for you! Or maybe that person might trade something for it that you might appreciate. :slight_smile:

I believe and heard that if a rosary is prayed with that it is blessed whether it is formally blessed by the Church to be a sacramental. You might want to keep that in mind. :slight_smile:

Oh now that makes the decision complicated doesn’t it??


Gold rosaries are rare and prized. Someone will pay a good price for it if indeed it is gold.
I have one, and I love it.
Let me know if you do intend to sell it.

Yes, it does! But it’s definitely something to reflect upon. Thank you.

Thank you, too, Clare. I’m going to give it more thought. I know the form makes it different than just a gold necklace or something. That’s why I still have it.

You could of course simply sell it as a rosary.

Find out what the price would be for the gold. Then sell it at that price, as a rosary. There will be someone that wants the rosary, and will use it as a rosary. But will also give you the price you are looking for.

I’ve bought several old rosaries from eBay and occasionally I’ve seen solid gold ones for sale on there. If you wanted to sell it, I’m sure you could find it a good home and the person who bought it would no doubt cherish it. :slight_smile:

These days, I keep my rosaries well out of reach of my young dog, as she carefully chewed my favourite antique one into separate beads one day!

You are free to dispose of this rosary in any way you wish. As previously stated any blessing which a sacramental received ceases to be when it is sold.

To give you another example, if a chalice was beyond any practical use it may be melted down and the gold used for any purpose thereafter.

For rosarys which have been blessed and are no longer of practical use or have broken beyond repair they should be burnt or buried.

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