Under what circumstances is NFP licit to limit family size?

From the related Humanae Vitae thread…

[quote=mpi]This link points out the degree to which American Catholics (even the devout ones attending Mass weekly) have rejected God’s commandment to go forth and multiply.


So I am judging Catholics by the statistics, not simply the Catholics I know. The statistics show an embrace of the culture of death. I am sure that most of these Catholics with small families have some excuse for keeping their families small. Most of these excuses are junk.

The problem is that I think most of these Catholics have a clear conscience. Homilies should make it clear that those who can have large families, but choose not to do so, are being immoral and sinning by purposely avoiding pregnancy.

You seem to be judging the family size of NFP families on the total Catholic population. That is an unscientific way to do things. Do you have the statistics of NFP-practicing Catholics’ family sizes?

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