Underage Migrants Pimped, Raped by People-Smugglers for Passage Across Italian Border


Underage Migrants Pimped, Raped by People-Smugglers for Passage Across Italian Border

Chris Tomlinson 29 Jul 2018 Breitbart News

According to a shocking new report, underage migrant girls are being pimped out to people-smugglers in northern Italy for a chance to be taken across the border into France.

Underage migrant girls are allegedly being pimped in the Italian city of Ventimiglia for passage across the border into France, according to the children’s rights NGO Save The Children, Italian newspaper Il Giornale reports.

The underage girls, many from sub-Saharan or East Africa, are forced into prostitution to pay the people-smugglers’ fees, which can run from between 50 to 150 euros, while others are made to sell their bodies for food or for a roof over their heads.

Raffaela Milano, a director at the NGO, said that young girls were particularly at risk and vulnerable, saying the girls, “are strongly exposed to very serious risks of abuse and exploitation, in many cases finding themselves living in conditions of great degradation and promiscuity.” . . .

. . . The vast majority of young migrant girls forced into prostitution . . .

Praying for these children.

Why should I be surprised? It sadly occurrs on THIS “side of the pond” too.


This incentivizing of illegal immigration has been a disaster.


Sounds like a familiar story doesn’t it.

Whoever was behind this massive migration in many parts of the world over the past 4-5 years should be held accountable for all the chaos and crime that has followed.

This was an organized effort by people who didn’t seem to care how host countries were going to be able to absorb these immigrants and how they would merge with the existing culture and community.


It is wrong in so many ways but one clear tragedy of the encouraging of mass migration is the rape of vulnerable young women.

People unfortunately don’t want to acknowledge much of the evil that flows from their ‘compassion’.


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